Thursday, July 15, 2010

As we hear it...

In an effort to get noticed in this town, Brandon Marshall signed with the Heat yesterday.

Jeff Ireland suggested the idea saying "we didn't want to draw attention to the Dolphins with our signing, but thought we could ride the hype surrounding the Heat and the big three."

Added Parcells "I was a little concerned that the Heat were becoming bigger news than the Dolphins.  People should just love the Dolphins, we're not about flash."

Marshall is expected to be a reserve 3-point shooter for the Heat this season.


  1. These fan blogs are a stupid waste of time! No insight or thought here!

  2. Anonymous6:20 AM


  3. To all the do realize that its the offseason and there is NOTHING going on, don't you.

    Can't take a little humor? Or is it too early in the morning?

  4. Anonymous8:15 AM

    What humor

  5. Anonymous9:23 AM

    And in other news, the heat hired Hartline to shuttle around the players before and after practice. I heard that NASCAR was bummed as they hoped to sign him as "RUBBING is racing"