Sunday, June 13, 2010

the QBs

The question of the day: Is Chad Pennington headed for Dolphins' PUP list?
My answer is YES.  There are reports he took very few reps in any of the OTAs, and was always talking to the younger guys.  Plus there was a report last week that the Dolphins "still don't know what to do with Pat White" and when asked if he would carry 4 QBs, Sparano said he doubted it but would wait and see. And when asked if White would change positions, he said no.
And of course, there are reports that White has increased his accuracy this offseason.  He said himself he was wildly uncomfortable to the schemes last season, and had hoped to be groomed more for the role - but circumstances were what they were.
I think the Phins will keep Pennington on the PUP and try again with White for a at least a few weeks.
We'll see.
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Cut Pat White, or let him return punts. Keep Pennington, He's a good back up QB.

How about this question; what have the Dolphins done to make it all the way to the Super Bowl this year?

IMO…The best measuring stick is how well the new Defense will perform. The Dolphins would have beaten both Super Bowl teams with authority if the Defense would have showed up for either game. With all the additions to the Defense, and the upgrade to the passing game Miami will be a fun team to watch. The Phins might be the surprise of this season. As far as the Super Bowl goes it’s a stretch to say the Dolphins will be in the Big Dance like the owner did, but why not! I hope it all comes together this year and the Dolphins are in Dallas holding the SB trophy in the air!

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Wouldn't you agree that ted ginn was worth keeping if just for punt and kickoff returns? Whatever happened to the little speedster from last season; chris williams?