Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Nicktator

Mike Beradino pointed out an article in the sporting news, and relates some of the story in a recent blog post http://blogs.sun-sentinel.com/sports_football_dolphins/2010/06/nick-saban-apologizes-for-professional-mishandling.html

"Well, honesty and integrity is an important part of our character, my character," Saban tells the magazine. "Those are words that we use all the time.  I think that in an effort to protect our team at Miami — because I had not talked to Alabama and did not talk to them until the season ended — I express that (character is important) to (Alabama) through my agent and said it was up to them whether they wanted to wait and that I would not make any promises.  I would talk to them then, [and] I would only reassess my circumstances and our situation as a family at the end of the year.

"But I kept getting asked about this over and over and over, and in trying to defuse the interest and leave the focus on our team in Miami (long pause) . . . I had a responsibility and obligation to the players on that team, the coaches on the staff, and I didn't want that to be the focus of attention.

"So would I manage it differently?  Absolutely.  I would still have the same integrity for our team, but I just would not answer any questions relative to Alabama. . . .  I do apologize for any professional mishandling that might have occurred."

Dude.  3 years later?  Really?  Are you that obtuse?
I was suggesting to a couple of friends that we could rename the bathrooms in his honor, and have urinals with his picture in them.  Mouth open would be best.

So, from now on, when I'm at JRS, I am going to tell everyone that I'm going to "hit the Saban" when I go to the loo.


  1. Anonymous12:45 PM

    LOL JRS haven't heard anyone call it that in years

  2. Anonymous1:04 PM

    It will always be JRS regardless of whomever is sponsoring the building. Joe Robbie had a pair of big ones developing his own stadium and I respect him for that.

  3. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Good ol' Nick is setting himself up in the future for another NFL gig, probably in a couple of years. That is the reason for the "apology". He realizes if he wants to attempt to coach in the NFL again, he first has to improve his image.

  4. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Nick is negotiating a future contract extension at Alabama by creating speculation that he is thinking of jumping to the NFL.