Friday, June 25, 2010

Is it just me?

Or does anyone else see the humor in this?

Probably the biggest complaint the Marlins had about JRS was that it didn't have a roof. (To be fair, we know that the contract was bad, and that was a bigger issue - having their own stadium means more money!)

The Marlins convinced the bankrupt (morally and financially) city of Miami to build them a new stadium with a retractable roof. 

And then the NFL told the Dolphins they needed a roof to attract future SuperBowls.  This week, the Phins and host committee started planning their "assault" on Tallahassee to get the state (meaning you and me) to pay for it.

So, in the end, JRS will have a roof.  And the Marlins will have their own ballpark.  All at our expense.

Isn't big-time sports wondermous?
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