Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Albert Haynesworth was offered the opportunity to become a free agent, or he could stay with the Redskins and collect a $21m bonus in April.  He chose the latter, with the express understanding he had to be a good team player and attend all workouts.
Now, Haynesworth is holding out and requesting a trade.  So he wanted to eat the proverbial cake, too.
The Skins have started a legal action against him.  And think they can recoup the (mega)bucks.  The NFL doesn't think so.  But there's an interesting precedent here, and that relates back to the Dolphins in the form of one Ricky Williams.
You may recall that when Ricky retired to go live in a tent, H Wayne decided to go after the bonus money he - and the Saints - paid him.  And H won.   The circumstances may be different, but its all about not living up to your contract.
If I were to guess, I'd say the Redskins will win.  We'll see.
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