Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fwd: You blog comment on Ronnie Brown not signing...

Our friend Curt over at corrected me on this one..

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Ronnie didn't sign because there was no point.   It's complicated, but basically the offer of $1.3 million or 110% of last year's salary is a no-brainer, since 110% of last year's salary for Ronnie is $3.9M.    So the team now has the option of "only" offering Ronnie $3.9M - I'm sure he's not upset about that and the team won't take away the $1.3M offer in favor of the 110% offer.    Nothing to be concerned about.

A more complete explanation is on the Palm Beach Post blog:

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And that's why Curt always wins the Webby! :)

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Ronnie will soon know not to play games with the big tuna. As soon as he signs and a team is desperate for a rb boom !! They send him packing for a 2nd rounder.