Saturday, June 19, 2010

Copa Mundial

The ratings are in...

And the highest market share for any market in the US for watching the world cup is....

Any guesses?


And yet the local sports teams (including the soccer clubs) simply don't draw.  Why?  Its like I said before: people love,love,love their national teams but don't give a hoot about pro franchises.

Its such a strange community...
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Dolphins Ranter DeleteReply

While that they love their national teams is a factor, I think a lot of it is advertising. Unless you're the Heat, Marlins or Dolphins, you need to get the word out there.

When the Fusion was here, I never knew when a game was. The same applies to the Miami FC now. I was at a bar last week watching the US v England game, and one of my buddies from high school was saying they were going to the FC game that night. Didn't even know they were in season.