Thursday, June 03, 2010

#19 it is!

The NFL started selling Brandon Marshall #19 jerseys this week.  And
in fact, its already among the top sellers.

"As of this point, he's wearing No. 19," Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene said.

It didn't seem possible Marshall would settle on Ted Ginn Jr.'s old
Dolphins number. And he still may not — according to the NFL, players
can change their numbers, although they must go through a procedure to
do so.

Marshall had hoped to secure No. 15 – the number he wore for his
previous team, the Denver Broncos — but Dolphins teammate, wide
receiver Davone Bess, said he's not giving up No. 15. Bess reiterated
again Friday that the number isn't for sale and that he's made that
clear to Marshall without consequences.

"There were no problems from the get-go," Bess said. "He was a man
about the situation. I was a man about the situation. We sat there and
we had a talk. I know it would mean a lot to him. It means a lot to me
as well. We're teammates and we wanted to get past that stage and now
we can focus on football and help each other."

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