Saturday, May 08, 2010

OJ McDuffie

For those of you who didn't know the story, it goes something like this:

OJ was an amazing receiver for the Phins from '93 to about '98. He suffered a toe injury (like a turf toe) in '99, and sought treatment from the team doctor.

Reportedly, the team doctors basically told him he could keep playing with a little rest. He played in a couple of games, and aggravated injury, and ultimately it required surgery and he was forced to retire.

He opened a legal case against the Dolphins and the doctors involved. It dragged on for nearly a decade, and at various points he settled with most of the parties involved.

But amazingly, he never let it sour his passion for the team, and he has attend most (if not every!) game since he retired, sitting in row 1 in the west endzone.

Well, this week, the last of the defendants - team doctor John Uribe - a jury ruled in McDuffie's favor, and he was awarded $11.5 million in damages.

We say good for him because (a) he was always a proud Dolphin, (b) he never let it affect him personally - he almost never talked about it, and (c) his perserverance paid off.
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alan bigham DeleteReply

OJ was an is an amazing guy. I was so happy when I heard the news because he was robbed of some of the best years of his career. The year before the injury he was the only target on this team and still topped the league in receptions. No disrespect to any of the other receivers at that time but everyone in the stadium knew Dan was going to throw the ball to 81 and he still came up with the goods.

Those blocks he threw on ends on runs were textbook!