Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let the unravelling begin (we hope)

According to a published report....

Revis wants $20 million a season

07:05 AM ET 05.18 | Darrelle Revis is looking for a wild pay raise -- to $20 million per year, according to a report. The highest paid cornerback in the NFL last season, Dunta Robinson, formerly of the Houston Texans, earned $9.957 million. Revis said last week that he had begun contract negotiations with the Jets, and general manager Mike Tannenbaum has said he is committed to keeping the All-Pro cornerback in a Jets uniform for the rest of his career. However, with such a hefty price tag reported, the two sides could be farther apart than initially anticipated.
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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha he could be saying 20 so he could at least get 10, but would be nice if he left the jets, but really id like marshall to invade revis island and seize it