Saturday, May 29, 2010

Could you try being humble?

The Jets play in the state next to the most hyped, self-important city in the US, and probably the world.  Their jackass coach is a loudmouth who fits right in.
As the Jets head into some of their OTAs, the reports start trickling in about just how great they are.  According to them.  Sexy Rexy is always a motor mouth saying they're not good, but great. Mark Sanchez has started talking about visiting the White House next February (yep, he can get a ticket just like everyone else).  Other players believe they're already champions.
The reality is that they are one bad incident or injury away from going 6-10.  There are no guarantees in the NFL.  Just ask Tom Brady and the Patriots "We're only going to score 17 points?  gufaw, gufaw"  How does 18-1 look when you're smug?
Personally, I hope they keep it up.  Its funny.  And I'll be laughing my ass off when they miss the playoffs!
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agreed, Rex named revis the best cornorback in the league and everyone jumped on bored. im tried of them.

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spellcheck??? are you tired of them or tried of them? is it cornorback or cornerback? did you board the bandwagon or are you bored on the bandwagon?