Saturday, May 29, 2010

Be a sponsor for Dave's Bitchin' Podcast or Dave's Bitchin Website

I am looking for advertisers and/or sponsors for my podcast and website.

You can get in on the fun that is Bitchin' Dave's Dolphins work.

Why would you want to?

Well, the website (not including the blog) brings in about 750 unique visitors a month.  I'll agree, that ain't so great.  But the blog - as a stand alone page - brings in nearly 4,000 sets of eyeballs who are looking at content each month.  And you can target both.

The podcast does even better!  I have been doing some sort of internet radio/podcast since 2006.  That makes me the longest-running Dolphins podcast (amateur or professional) on the web!  I have experience, and a following that I've cultivated.  I have produced more than 120 shows, and while I still  have fun, I do hit the big topics with the team.

And as you probably realize, I've had some great guests.  

The podcast is listed on most of the podcast directory sites, and it is available on iTunes.  It also airs on

During the season, its produced weekly; now during the offseason its more like a monthly show.  They tend to run just under an hour, though sometimes they can roll up to 2 hours if I've got some good guests booked.

Now for the good news: the podcast nets thousands of listens per episode in its current format.  And we're in the offseason. 

Think about that as you consider how to target an audience of Dolphins fans.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must also tell you that there's a working arrangement for the podcast between Bitchin' Dave and  

As such, any requests to advertise on the podcast would be fully vetted with all parties before we could come to any agreement.

Any website ads relate only to Bitchin' Dave's site. I make no claims as to the site.

Given that, here's what I'm offering:

* You are the sponsor of a time period, and a given set of shows.  
* No other ads will be used in those shows
* Two specific mentions of the sponsor will be given per show (they can be read by me, or played in a recorded form; presumably at the beginning and end of the show)
* A link will be provided on the podcast feed, for those shows
* A link will be provided on the blog page of
* A link will be provided on the home page of

* A 30 second ad will run during the show
* A link will be provided on the podcast feed, for that show
* A link will be provided on the blog entry of, specific to that show
* A second ad may run at another time during the podcast (no more than 2 will ever run)

ADVERTISING LEVEL - blog & website
* A link will be provided on the blog page of
* A link will be provided on the homepage of
* This is a non-exclusive arrangement, and a second ad may be added

"Rate Card" as of 5/28/2010

1 month $100

Advertisers - podcast  
Per show $20

Advertisers - blog & website ( only)
Per month $15

Contact for additional information!
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