Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wrapping the draft

Its always so hard to rate these things. It can take years to get a sense of whether anyone really is any good, or if it was a waste of picks.

But if you think about needs, then Miami covered most of them.

Though what I find puzzling is that they went nearly all defense, save for the one o-lineman. No skill positions, and no kick returner.

I have to assume that when they assemble the list of free agent signees, we'll see some of them.
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Sheets for returner duties?

Michael DeleteReply

You will never find a needle in a haystack if you don't look.

Anonymous DeleteReply

It's not very puzzling why they wen defense when looking at the stats: they were at the bottom end of teams in almost every defensive category. Anywhere you looked defensively, there were problems.


You are correct in that the defense was porous. But the issue were partly scheme, partly J-Peasy, and the safety play. All of those were addressed. Yes ILB was an issue, but they addressed that in free agency as well.

You had a chance to re-sign the NFL's active sack leader, and instead drafted two guys for the role, as well as two DEs that arguably weren't a need.

And that's why it was puzzling.