Friday, April 09, 2010

This just doesn't sit right with me...

The JT saga just rubs me the wrong way. He's in NY to visit with the
Jets of all teams. And the Dolphins haven't shown much interest in
him. Right now they're all wankers, and they could be headed to the
wanker hall of shame!

Yesterday, Jeff Ireland held a press conferernce to discuss draft
picks. The first three questions were about JT, and he danced around
them "we are where we are, they know where we stand" ...then shot back
at reporters "we're here to talk about draft prospects" and his
frustration rose because the questions didn't stop.

Today's newspaper articles focused on how he avoided JT questions,
more than about the draft.

So the question for JT is: are you serious?

And the question for the Dolphns is: what game are you playing?

Incidentally, the Jets are locked in because they were a final 4 team,
and can only offer him $1.5 million, plus incentives, which likely
would top out at $3 million.

You can't beat or match that???

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