Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ted Ginn

The Dolphins Ranter made this comment to the post about Brandon
Marshall. But I thought it warranted being front and center!

This trade is great for the Dolphins use of Ted Ginn!

In two WR sets, you have Marshall on one side, and Hartline on the
other. Ginn wouldn't have been in this set usually anyways as he's not
man enough to be a good blocker. So if we hadn't traded for Marshall,
either Camarillo or Bess would have been the WR opposite Hartline.

But in 3 and 4 WR sets, you now can put Marshall on one side and Ginn
on the other and now the defense has to decide which to double. The
other is now single covered with Camarillo and/or Bess playing the one
or two slot positions.

A match up nightmare for the secondaries.

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