Sunday, April 25, 2010

Did they write notes on their hands and then wash them?

Dave Hyde wrote this in an article this morning:

"Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland related Misi's talent by saying he "terrorized" Alabama with three sacks in the 2009 Sugar Bowl. The player with three sacks that game was Stevenson Sylvester, whom Pittsburgh drafted in the fifth round Saturday.

Utah had eight sacks in that Sugar Bowl. Misi didn't have any. (Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith had one, though.)"

Which leads me to wonder about Ireland. Did they draft the wrong guy? Or is he confused? Did his dog eat his homework?


  1. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Do you think Hyde actually watched the game tape or did he just look at a stat sheet?

    Ireland does this for a living. If you actually WATCH the game tape you will see that Misi is indeed in on 3 sacks. He might not have been credited with them but he was there.

  2. I don't recall the game and how Misi played. I just found the comment amusing.

    And besides, it allows me to savor a moment when Nick Saban was beat.

  3. Oh, AND, I do have doubts about Ireland's ability. It may turn out that he's a great GM, but some of his decisions have thus far puzzled me.

  4. I was a little bothered by Ireland until I really thought about the overall picture. We weer 1-15. We needed to start with a core group of players. He went for Jake Long, Chad Henne, and made some very nice trades the first year. The second year we picked up some nice players that contributed quite a bit. Defense was a problem this year and I feel like they answered that. The draft is a crap shoot, but they have done a very nice job and hit more than they miss. Most teams cannot say that. He is doing a good job. If we don't understand it, it doesn't mean it is wrong.

  5. Anonymous9:38 AM

    No TE to stretch the field,
    Marshall is doubled, spin the wheel
    No TE to stretch the middle,
    And all our TE's are slow and little
    No TE to stretch the field,
    Henne goes down in muddy marsh
    No TE to stretch the field,
    20 years gone without a star
    To take pressure off our WRer's
    Finally without Ginn to blame
    No TE will ever be drafted, Girrr :(
    And never a TE, 7-9 once again....

  6. Anonymous9:51 AM

    That was so stupid we didn't need a te in this one there were some good looks but a te is not going to ruin our season

  7. Anonymous10:01 AM

    No we don't need a TE to take pressure off Marshall getting doubled and triple teamed....your a genius.

  8. Anonymous11:12 AM

    You people cry too much! No one can ever do right by you. Yet, the Trifecta drafted the way that Bill has drafted for 30 years. Big, strong, 4-year players, team captains, positions of need, and building from inside out.

    They may know something we don't know. Remember, just as we were trying to trade Smiley other teams were trying to trade players too. There might be that TE out there. Plus, 2 years ago Anthony Fasano was as much a reason we went from 1-15 to 11-5 as anyone on the roster. He had an off year last year because he needed to block more to protect Chad Henne in his first year. We have now added incognito and Jerry to bolster what was a decent line. That should free up the TE to get downfield again. Let the plan work before blasting every little piece.

    Finally, you people were saying you wanted things like JPP (7 D1 starts), Kindle (needs microfracture surgery), etc. I think PArcells' and Co are better at doing this than any arm-chair GM/scout posting on the blogs (me included)...

  9. Marshall's presence on the field is a problem for defenses. An offensive line going into its third year together now has good continuity and team work. This offense will rely less on the TE to have to stay home blocking and will be more involved in the "offensive" side of things rather then "defensive" blocking for the QB. I think the dolphins like what they have with Fasano and Haynos. You people are making to much of the TE problem.

  10. Anonymous1:02 PM

    If Misi was "in on" 3 sacks and not the primary defender to bring down the QB, then that is worth mentioning and Ireland should have clarified that. So Hyde was right to call him on it.

    It seems, though, that Ireland was focused on pass coverage, not actually rushing the passer, because he bragged about Misi's "tremendous" pass coverage, and our 4th round pick Edds is skilled in coverage as well, not so good at rushing. They must really be counting on Wake and maybe Anderson to get to the QB.

    Given that, tell me again why we threw away Porter and Taylor and didn't really replace them in talent or production?

    And while we're looking back at spilt milk with linebackers, what happened with Matt Roth? Did we pick up anybody to replace him either?

    The M.O. for this Front Office seems to be let players go, then spin your wheels replacing them. Two steps forward, one step back. And it's year 3, folks.

  11. Anonymous1:23 PM

    you are a bunch of idiots. The track record of these guys is top notch. Yet people who have never been in the nfl, probobly never been in high school are better evaluators then the front office give us all a break. They have a board they work of there board from their scouts. Just like every other tem, let it go. We will see in three years if it was a good draft. SHUT UP already