Friday, April 23, 2010

And with pick #28

Miami drafts Penn State's Jared Odrick, a defensive lineman who may be used at tackle or end.

So see? They went out and got a replacement for JT. And its pretty much who everyone thought they would take.

Okay, so neither of these is true. Odrick is not a pass rusher. And he wasn't even on most people's radar for the Phins. C'mon, unless you're a Penn State fan or a draft geek, you never heard of this guy.

We do know that he's big and physical, won several honors, and actually GRADUATED from college (with a degree in sociology) last year. And for that, we give him loads of kudos.

In keeping with the tradition of drafting a family with the first-round pick, Odrick told reporters his name is pronounced "Ah-drick" and went on to say "My dad only learned how to say our last name right when he was 19.''
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