Friday, April 23, 2010

and at #12....the dolphins trade down

I half expected the Phins to trade down. And they didn't disappoint. When it came time for their pick, they gave up the spot to San Diego.

Whart they got in return was #28, San Diego's second round pick (Miami didn't have one; they gave it up for Marshall), they swapped fourth-round picks (Miami moves down), Miami gives up its 6th round pick, and Miami gets Tim Robbins from the Chargers.

Tim, of course, was in the movie "Bull Durham," which was about baseball. So, I'm not entirely sure how he helps the football team. But, that's the Parcells guys for you - always thinking outside the box.

Oh, wait, I've just been told that was a typo, and it was Tim Dobbins they acquired. He reportedly will come in to provide more depth at inside linebacker.

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