Thursday, March 25, 2010

A look at the Dolphins roster

After the first round of free agency, here's where the Dolphins stand:

QB: No change
O-line: they added Incognito, and are looking to trade Smiley.  In all, no change
WR: They are standing pat.  I'd argue this is a negative
TE: So, far standing pat.  No change
Special teamers: no change
D-line: Ferguson will be suspended so I'd say overall its probably a negative
LB: lost Ayodele and picked up Dansby, lost Porter (upgrade), and Taylor (downgrade??)....overall its probably a negative, might be no change
DB: lost Gibril (addition by subtraction), but haven't signed anyone.  So, lets say there's no change.

And what I see are no "upgrades" overall, only losses.  That troubles me a bit.  The team was somewhat flawed last year.  Yes, they were young, too, but it seems like they need *some* kind of help other than replacing two players and letting a few go.

As for JT, I can't figure this one out.  He wants to come back, and he apparently still has something in the tank.  But the Dolphins haven't called him (according to published reports).  I have no idea where this one will go.

And as for Ted Ginn, I know people argue with me about this, but he's already been here for 3 years, and it is time to MOVE ON.  There have been *plenty* of other players who have been given one or two years and then are kicked to the curb.  And Ginn gets a pass, and might get a 4th year?  Is that because he was a high draft pick?  He's not productive, who cares if he was a high pick.

In the Sparano mindset, you have to contribute a certain number of plays to be on the active roster.  So, you can't expect Ginn to focus only on kick returns, as there are maybe 4-5 a game; so that would only be 4-5 plays he'd be on the field for.  Plus his kickoff return average - including the two long ones - was only 19 yards.  That's it.  And the two long ones were because Mike Westhoff outsmarted himself, for the most part.  So....what is the deal with this guy? He's not a punt returner..I guess he'll be playing a lot of offense this year.  And you know Bess and Hartline will be on the roster.  You might keep 4, maybe 5, receivers. So that leaves Camarillo and Turner battling with whoever for the last 1-2 slots.

I'm assuming that's why they don't sign someone else???  Ah, who knows.
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