Monday, February 08, 2010

Le Super Bowl

I was gald to see the two teams that went 13-0 meet up in the big game, and I enjoyed watching the performance of both teams....
I'm not going to break down the game all that much, except to say the key to this game overall was that the Saints found a way to keep Manning off the field.  It was something like a stretch of 32 plays where the Saints had the ball; which would mean that including halftime (30 minutes in the big game), Manning was not on the field for the better part of an hour.  And he and the receivers looked out of synch when they did take the field.
Interestingly, I can draw parallels to the visits each of these teams made to [insert name here] stadium earlier this season.  In the Colts-Dolphins clash, Miami dominated time of possession and yet the Colts won on big plays and controlled the part of the game they could.  It looked somewhat the same for portions of this game.  The Saints were controlling the clock, and yet the Colts were dominating the early going.  Yeah it was only 10-0, but they looked to be cruising.
And in the Saints-Dolphins clash, Miami jumped out to an early lead (24-0) and somehow the Saints hung in there and battled back to win the game.
As the game wore on, I wondered which of these games it would most resemble....
And then it happened.  Terry Porter has a pick 6 against Manning.  Exactly the same outcome that iced the Saints win against you may recall, the Phins weren't out of it near the end.  Sure, a loss was likely, but then Henne threw a bad pass and Porter put the game away.
A couple of notes about the Saints victory: kudos to Sean Payton for going all out for the win.  There is no tomorrow.  Go for the 4th down plays.  Be smart about clock management.  Don't punt - take field goals, even if they are long-ish.  And of course, shock the team with an onsides kick.  Nicely played, and that in and of itself was the difference in the game.
We can't leave this item without at least mentioning Drew Brees.  Kind of fitting that he wins the big game on the field he *should have* been playing on for the last 4 years.  If only that piece of crap little Nicky hadn't happened here...
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