Sunday, January 03, 2010

typical BS

Pat White is running to the sideline and gets hit by the db in helmet-to-helmet contact.  In the many replays, it seemed obvious the player was leading with his head, which is illegal and (a) a penalty should have been called and (b) the player should have been ejected.
But there's Dierdorf saying that "that's football" and sluffs it off.
Later, when the Dolphins had a bead on Ben Rothlisberger, one of the Dolphins defenders got a hand up to swat the ball away, and hit Ben's helmet.  The play resulted in a fumble that Miami recovered.  On the replay, Dierdorf was going on about how that should be a pnealty because you can't touch the QBs head.
So, if you lead with your head, its okay, but if you inadvertedly get a hand on a helmet, it should be penalized?  Hunh?
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