Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I watched the announcement about Joe Robbie/Dolphin/Dolphins/Pro Player/Landshark stadium becoming SunLife Stadium (payments for this ad may be made to me directly, thanks!).
In a word, it was lame.
Okay a Canada bank, with US headqaurters in Boston gets naming rights on a Florida stadium.
A couple of amusing notes:
* The spokesman for the bank said they didn't take a bailout.  Of course not.  They are not a US bank.
* They were looking for the naming rights, and this was "a fit"....I presume that's only because they couldn't get something done in Boston.
* They were referred to the Dolphins by the Fenway group; for which Mike Dee used to work.  That's using your connections.
* Mike Dee gave them a Dolphins jersey and said they had to wear it around Boston.
* There was a lot of lame corporate speak, and presentation-type things that you often see in corporate america.  And a lot of phony-baloney "Miami has a great history, like that No Name Defense thing I heard about."  
* Its clear this is a business venture, and nothing more.
* The KC & The Sunshine Band connection (there's a silly commercial involving them and SunLife) was a prominent theme, and in keeping with the 70s sort of nostalgia (see my No Name Defense comment), KC performed at the stadium.  KC even said "lets go back to 1978!"  Yikes!
Anyway, there ya go. 
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