Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Something that bugs me

Roger Goodell was here last week for the game, and gave interviews to CBS and to the Dolphins broadcast crew.  Then, he met privately with Stephen Ross.
In each of those sessions, he repeated the point that Miami *has* to spend money to upgreade the stadium or the SuperBowl will never make it back to Miami.
I know Ross is looking at ways to possibly fund the stadium, and we've discussed them here before. 
But this threat of not coming back seems silly, and besides its not up to him alone.  He's the commissioner, not the omnipotent one.  He doesn't hold all the power....the host committee makes a bid to the NFL and owners for the SuperBowl and they vote on the various choices for that year.  The commish is a voting member.
Part of the pitch is around the stadium, but the lions share of it is around the community, the amenities and facilities around the town.  And...the weather.  Which generally is good in Miami that time of year (2007 was an odd exception, where there was torrential rain)
So, sheesh, what's this idle threat all about anyway?
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