Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Jets & my comment about the playoffs

It was interesting how things turned out for the Jets.  They made the playoffs after Rex Ryan said there was no way they'd make it.
And how did they make it?  Because Indy pulled its starters last week in a game they were leading - at home - and essentially gave the game to the Jets.
And then - at home - the Jets squared off against the Bengals.  If the Bengals were to win, they would secure the 3rd seed, and be home to face the Ravens.  If they lost, they would be the 4th seed, and be home to face the Jets.
Hmmmm.  Face a team that is reall tough and in the division, or face a team that has had an up-and-down year and is not in the division?  And the latter is on the field now....
The game starts, and it is clear the Jets have "come to play" and get a few early plays going, so Cincy pulls its starters.  The Jets win, and "luck into" a playoff slot.  They didn't win anything, they were gifted this position.
And meanwhile, they're busy trying to score and score again.  They were still passing late in the game, and there was the coach yukking it up on the sidelines with a smug smile.
If I were Cincinnatti, that would be all the motivation I need.
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