Saturday, January 02, 2010


The NFL's competition committee is "looking into" the practice of resting starters by teams that have already clinched their playoff position.  At issue here is the simple premise that each NFL club has a mandate to try and win games they play in, and resting starters is not doing that.
This was all prompted by the Indy coach benching pretty much everyone late in last week's game, and the pronouncement that the Saints and others will rest key players this week.
What I find strange is that you have four *meaningless* preseason games where starters may play a quarter, then about 12-14 meaningful games, followed by 1-2 meaningless end-of-season games by every team (consider the team that's already 6-9 heading into this week).  And many of these not-so-worthwhile games are at home in front of the paying customers who gave you their time, money, and cheers.
NFL: the message to you is to change the playoff format. I like the idea I heard floated that the entire tournament should be seeded.  The top 12 teams across the NFL make the tournament (8 division winners and *any* 4 wildcards), then the teams get seeded in a tournament based on a formula (so half the teams are in bracket A and the other are in bracket B and A vs B plays in the Superbowl), with the #1s playing #8 in their bracket.
The challenge laid down to all teams, then, is that they will need to play the games to ensure their seeding!
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I don't have a problem with the current system. However, I do have a big problem with the proposed move to 18 games. 18 games will make resting players more necessary, and as a result it will occur more often and for more games.