Thursday, December 24, 2009


Camarillo was fined $5k by the NFL for his "late hit" on the defensive back.

The spokesman said something like "he came at him hard even in slow motion". And saw nothing to indicate the player was getting up.

Uhhhhh. The whistle hadn't blown!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

5th down

From the phins...

Thanks for all of your help with the promotion of the 5th Quarter Show following the Patriots game. We had great numbers!

Well, in addition to the big AFC clash on the field, we’re also going to again show the Dolphins Game Day Live - 5th Quarter Show on As you know, t’s a live postgame show hosted by Barry Buetel and Nat Moore and will features live press conferences, player interviews and much more. We think this has been a great addition to our online game day line-up.

We’re so proud of the show that we’d like to ask again for your sites to help us expose it to as many Dol-Fans as possible.

Click to listen

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I was re-watching the game, and at one point, after the Titans scored, I swore I heard the Dolphins fight song.
Now a little history lesson is needed here.  Way back when, the Titans were the Houston Oilers.  At one point in the mid-70s, the Oilers "stole" the Dolphins fight song, and claimed it as their own (and further claiming we stole it from them, but that's another story).  The tune was the same, and the only words that were changed were subbing "Houston Oilers" for "Miami Dolphins"....
The Oilers used to torment the Dolphins in the late 70s and into the 80s - on the field with Earl Campbell running over them, and over the PA by playing that song.
I would not be at all surprised - given that it is throwback year - that the Oilers / Titans played the song after a TD.
And if they did, kudos to them for being creative.
But its our freakin' song!  LOL

Monday, December 21, 2009


Of course we loved seeing Ginn score twice againstvthe jets and we
hoped it was the start of something big.

But of course it wasn't. No scores since. Not even any truly great
returns since. He's averaging about 26.5 yards per return which is in
the upper half but near average.

Meanwhile Joshua Cribbs has 8 TDs this year. Including 2 yesterday.

Isn't that the kind of player we were hoping Ginn would be?

JTs play

I went back and watched it again: Johnson was still edging forward, bucking for yardage.  He had several guys draped on him, and JT was pulling at the ball.  At some point the whistle blew, and the ball came free.  Which came first? That was too close to call.
In any event, the ball did indeed come free and a whistle was blown.  Miami made a clear recovery.  And it was not reviewed.
Last year, in an early season game, there was a play where San Diego stripped the ball from the Denver QB, and "the whistle blew" and the Broncos were allowed to maintain possession.
There was an outrage and the rule was changed to allow play to continue after the whistle.
This year (a) there was no such outrage, even though the playoffs were othe line,  (b) they didn't follow the rule change that they put in - it was implemented specifically for plays like this, and (c) they didn't even review it.
Just what were the refs thinking? 
The net result - as it happened in several games this season -  Miami got jobbed by the refs, and it led to the loss.
So, I'm calling out the refs!  Watch the freakin game!!!!  And apply the rules even-handedly.  Maybe it would help if they were full-time and dedicated to actually knowing the rules and applying them.  So NFL, I'm calling you out too!
BTW, the penalty on Camarillo was also bogus.  The guy made the pick, and took a knee and declared himself down.  But the whistle didn't blow.  His teammates were urging him to get up, and he started to - but the whistle still had not blown.  So, Camarillo did the smart thing and made a play on the ball.  The fact that there was no whistle means the play wasn't over. 
So, the refs blew two calls in 4 plays.  Great.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Waaa waaa waaaahhhh....

[that'd be game show music]
I came back in about the time Miami was driving, only to see Henne throw a pick.  I came back very late in the game, and watched Miami stage a comeback of sorts to tie it.
And I watched the overtime. 
The outcome was pretty much set in stone before all that happened.
I was a little puzzled by Sparano's decision to not go for 2 on the first TD, thus leaving them to go for 2 late.  It worked out, of course, but it was odd.
And the OT had me looking with an arched eyebrow.  There was the coin toss that I swore was won by Tennessee, but yet Miami got the ball.  And there was the ill-advised throw by Henne, and the subsequent late hit by Camarillo. 
And there was the strip by JT that I'm going to have to watch again.  It sure looked like he got the ball out before the whistle.
But nevertheless, Miami lost and their playoff hopes are.....dead.

It's 24-6

I stopped watching this game with about 5 minutes left in the half. I decided to leave it on and do housework.

Probably a prudent move since the phins have fallen apart and every bounce is going the titans way.

Ah least Miami was relevant in mid-December. Now they've basically taken themselves out of the playoff chase.

At least they can still end up 9-7 or maybe 8-8.

Slipping away

The game started well enough for Miami. A nice pick that set up a field goal.

Then Tennessee got hot and Ricky fumbled.

It's 10-3 and Miami appears to be struggling.

We will see.

And then there was one

Dolphin nation: send your thanks to Jerry Jones c/o the Dallas Cowboys.

They knocked off the Saints last night thus leaving the colts as the lone remaining unbeaten.