Friday, November 20, 2009


Every single player who suited up for Miami played in the game, except for one: Pat White.
Typically, you'll have an offensive lineman or defensive lineman who suits up but never gets into the game.  And most weeks, White sees the field.  But not this week.  White was the only player whose jersey doesn't need to be laundered.
And speaking of that, Ricky's ripped up the side, so his will likely need to be replaced.

Nice win

Miami had a really solid game against the Panthers.   I thought they controlled the pace of the game effectively, and were able to get just enough pressure on Delhomme to keep him out of rhythm.  Sure, they allowed some yards rushing and for Steve Smith to have a couple of catches, but they stopped Carolina when it counted.
J-Peezey stepped up after being benched last week.  Ricky was nothing short of outstanding.  Chad Henne was calm, poised, and looked sharp.  The team found a way to use Ted Ginn on short routes, out patterns and the like with a design to simply make the catch, get on the ground and move the sticks. 
And the offensive line.  Wow.  Given that there were multiple injuries on the night, and all 7 linemen played, they did a great job.  In particular, Nate Garner was my MVP for this game.  He played 3 positions on the night, and played them all reasonably well.  Can't ask for much more than that.  And to be fair, that's not taking anything away from any of the other 6, because they all played well.
A very satisfying way to go into a 10-day break.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The fins placed Ronnie Brown on IR this afternoon.

Lex Hilliard's role just got bigger and we can only assume the team is in the market for a RB.

Good thing we still have Ricky

Wouldn't that be something?

Ronnie Brown may be sidelined for a few weeks, or possibly for the remainder of the season.
So, there's a rumor circulating that Miami might pursue Edgerrin James as a fill-in.
Now, back in 1999 there were two backs that everyone coveted: Edge and Ricky Williams.  Edge was the guy who JJ wanted, and he went to Indy at #4.  Ricky was the guy that Ditka wanted, and he gave up his entire draft to get him at #5.
Then, of course, Dave & Rick gave up too much to acquire Ricky a few years ago.  And now, its possible the two could both be in Miami's backfield.
How odd.

Blubberin' Rex Ryan

Thanks to Curt @ for passing this along:

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Oh, this is just TOO good:


Curt "Dolfan in New England" Fennell, - 15 years of Dolphins' News!

Evaluating the interception by JT

When I recorded the game on Sunday, I used a lower resolution record to save space.  I saw another replay last night - in HD - slowed by the broadcast.  It seems clear to me that Clayton never had complete control of the ball, and therefore the interception call was correct.
But, I still can't figure out what happened after the play. 
As most of you know, the NFL rules are not made available to the media or the public.  They're a big secret, apparently.  We can get our hands on the rules digest, the scorers guide, etc.  But, we can't see the actual scrolls of parchment they are engraved on.  Now, I did get my hands on an older set of them - dated 2007.  Since there are always rule changes or amendmants, its useful for context but not for specific scenarios that evolve over time.
What we do know is that they modified a rule last offseason to allow for changes of possession (such as the Denver-San Diego game) so the whistle "doesn't matter" when there is a change of possession like that.  One might assume that because that rule allows for the change of possession, but not any subsequent returns, that this might have been a factor in the outcome of the play on Sunday.
Its still not right, we think, because the whistle never blew and therefore it was continuing action.  And although it wasn't "ruled a TD," the play was concluded that way, and the officials huddled and called it incomplete.  Had they called it incomplete at the time the play was happening, their rule would be correct. 
In other words, I think they mis-applied the rule.

Browser Toolbar

I downloaded it, and its pretty slick.  I recommend it.

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I've had a Browser toolbar for over a year or more. Initially I did it for myself so that I can find the sites that I go to on a daily basis. Then I did it for my site. Now it is more focused on any Dolphins fan. The past month I've added some images to our fan sites, and I added all of our forums. I also added all the radio shows and blogs from our sites on the toolbar.

So, I wanted to invite you all to use it. I am always looking for ways to improve it, but I will say that this browser toolbar is a "must" if you surf for Dolphins news. I have RSS feeds, links, etc. One thing it does not have is spyware. There is a way to generate money with it, but that isn't the reason I created it, so I am not doing that. I created it for the fan.

Let me know how you like it.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bud Adams flips out

I love it.  Bud Adams (Titans owner) flips off Ralph Wilson (Bills owner) during the game, then apologizes and gets fined.
That's the spirit of wankering!
I couldn't find a picture of Bud in the act, so instead, I'll sub in a cheerleader photo.
BTW, this is better than Dick Cheney "shooting birds" with a friend isn't it?  At least no one was actually shot!


The reality is that Billy boy was playing the odds when he went for the first down. I don't know the exact stat but it's something like 70% in his favor.

The fact that he had a bad play call and poor execution certainly changed the odds but he didn't have a bad thought.

Of course we are happy he failed, lost, and is now taking criticism.

The next game is in 2 days

Feels like football friday

Monday, November 16, 2009

To finish things off...

NFL referee Tony Corrente was asked about the controversial interception call that occurred on a Josh Freeman-to-Michael Clayton catch that resulted in an interception at the Tampa Bay 15-yard line instead of a first down:

(On why the play which was ultimately ruled an interception by Jason Taylor was initially ruled an incomplete pass) – "One of the officials on the field felt the ball had touched the ground after it left the possession of the receiver."

(On why was the play not ruled a completion upon review) – "Because the player in question, the player who was possessing the ball in the air, as he started to come down, was hit. As he is coming down, he is now going to the ground to complete a catch and by rule, if he's going to the ground to complete a catch, he has to maintain possession of the ball completely through the entire process of hitting the ground and thereafter showing control. As he went to the ground, basically right when he went to the ground, the ball popped out, and went right into the arms of the Miami player. The ball had never touched the ground."

(On if the play was ever whistled dead) – "The play was never whistled dead, not until the player [Taylor] got into the end zone."

(On why Taylor was unable to advance the ball) – "Because by rule, in the replay rules we can give the ball to the team, but we can't allow the advance thereafter."

(On if they are unable to allow an advance even if the ball is not whistled dead) – "Unfortunately, that's just the replay rule because it was ruled as an incomplete pass."

(On when the play was ruled an incomplete pass) – "It wasn't ruled incomplete until there was a discussion in the end zone well after the touchdown was 'scored.' And so at that point, the officials got together and one said 'I felt the ball hit the ground,' and of course any doubt, it's incomplete."

Dave's thoughts: he's still misinterpreting the rule slightly.  The fact that they ruled it incomplete is irrelevant.  The whistle never blew, and therefore there was continuing action.
Yes, perhaps Bucs fans have a reason to be upset because it wasn't clear the ball came out.  And maybe they got jobbed this week. 
But I think the refs got the first half right, and blew the second half of the play.

And the ruling is....

The referee rules it an incomplete pass (and I now understand why), but notes that because it was ruled incomplete, it can not be returned.  However, he's wrong because the whistle never blew.  But the rules are slightly vague on this point, and he blows the finer point.
Its odd to be sure.  But its not quite over.  Tampa's coach goes ballistic on the sideline.  He has a profanity-laced tirade that he uses on the officials.  They don't take kindly to it, and tag him with unsportsmanlike conduct, giving Miami a first down at about the 4.
He takes the blame later saying that's why they lost.  Its not quite "I'd rather be in my locker room than theirs" but the point is the same.

Strange play - part 4

A couple of other things that appear on the replay.
JT is watching intently, and may see something that we can't - maybe the ball coming loose?
It appears that after Clayton rolls over, Bell strips the ball out.  You can see that Bell has his arm in there, and is tugging at the ball.

Assuming for a moment that Clayton doesn't have clear possession all the way through the catch, then its possible that the ball *would be* incomplete if it hit the ground; instead it pops up and that's when JT grabs it.  So, rather than an incompletion, it becomes an interception (it would not and could not be a fumble, because he would have to have clear possession all the way to the ground - and the ground can not cause a fumble).
I also wanted to point out the linesman who I've circled.  He's watching the play and trails it.  He's the only one with something close to a clear line of sight.  He never rules incompletion, rather he runs with JT to the endzone.
So, in looking this over, I'm thinking that maybe Clayton didn't have clear possession all the way to the ground as is required.  He was juggling the catch and never had possession, therefore an interception would be the correct call.

Strange play - part 3

At best the replay seems somewhat inconclusive at this point.  It seems to me - and many - that Clayton made the catch and landed on the ground, and therefore was down by contact.  Look at his butt and back hitting the ground, and we can't *see* the ball.

Strange play part 2

So, the replay begins, and we're shown several angles on the play.  None of them are very convincing in any regard, really.
It all happened very quickly, and the camera angles didn't help.  Clayton appears to catch the ball, and then he goes down.  The ball pops out, but never touches the ground, and JT scoops it up.

Strange play - part 1

With about 1:39 left to play in the first half, Tampa backed up its own goal line, Freeman drops back to pass.  JT is circled and drops into coverage.
Crowder and the safety all are converging with the receiver on one spot on the field.
The pass is "caught" and then the receiver drops it/has it knocked away as he's falling.
JT scoops up the ball, and runs for an apparent TD.
The officials confer for a moment, then the ref announces its incomplete.
A little time passes.  Tampa does not snap the ball.  A little more time passes.  Still, Tampa does not snap the ball.
Since we're inside two minutes, there is no coaches' challenge available.  But the booth calls for a review.  Had Tampa simply run a play, there would never have been an opportunity for review.
But presumably, they were as stunned as we fans were and didn't call a play right away.

Fwd: Washington Post mobile article

This article is *classic*

I love it

Miami wins, and everyone else in the east loses.  I'm sure that Rex Ryan went on about his team being better and deserving to win.  And he'd rather be in his locker room than the winning one.
TO wasn't a happy camper, and I think this is the week he finally blows a gasket.  Should be interesting in a couple of weeks when we meet them again.
And Bellicheat's decision to go for it on 4th and 2 at their own 29?  Wow, that's quite possibly the biggest brain fart he's had.  Sure you might have won it if you got the first, but you almost certainly would (and did) lose it if you failed.  There were two yards to go and they got one.  Afterward Billy Boy said something like "I can't believe that play didn't get us a yard."  It did, but you needed two.  I guess he didn't know the distance for a first?

Well, there's that

From @fb_outsiders tweet : Oh, and by the way, stupidest decision of the week was Chad Henne's throw against the Bucs. Not even close.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Heck of an end. But of course the game should never have been this close.


Ronnie left the game and his shoe and sock are off

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...see? There's an app for that.

2nd and goal

They scored here

Please don't fine me #2

Gotta love sideline access

Game scheduling

Who created the schedule for this week?  It blows.  Fox has the double header, so CBS can show only one game.
Based on the local blackout / home team rules, the Miami game will be the only game shown in the market at 1pm, and its on FOX.  So that means that CBS has to show a game at 4pm in this market.
The *only* game in the 4pm slot that's available to CBS is the epic showdown between KC and Oakland.  There are no other choices for AFC games.  There are some good ones in the 1pm timeslot.  Why didn't the NFL at least give a couple to the 4pm slot?

Cheerleader survivor

Yes, I know, I didn't do any sort of a cheerleader playoff this year.
But that's okay, because the guys at Phinzmania did.  You can check it out here:

good stuff

Last night, we had a chance to hear the coach, Jeff Ireland, Mike Dee, Patrick Cobbs, and Keith Byars.  They were all really good. 
We asked Sparano about Ginn, and he was somewhat candid.  We asked about Porter being made inactive as a "coaches decision" and he told us it was just that and moved on. 
Cobbs talked about playing for Saban, Cameron, and now Sparano, and their various styles.  I think its safe to say that he wasn't much of a Cameron fan.
Byars was interesting because he played for Shula and JJ.  He wouldn't talk about JJ, leaving it at something like "some people like him and some people don't" and it was clear he harbored some animosity toward him.  So, I did a small amount of research and found this from 1996: Byars, after being released, compared Johnson to a dictator and expressed skepticism about the coach's chances of winning a Super Bowl in Miami. ''His program and his system, if you look at his track record, it's firecrackers instead of bombs,'' Byars said. ''It's short bursts. He doesn't have any longevity in any program. Because of the way he is, he doesn't have the endurance to go the long haul. He's good in small doses.''