Saturday, November 14, 2009

Even better

I won an autographed cheerleader calendar!

And the award goes to

Thankyou to all who voted for me.

I won again - though it was a tie with the two michelles

Psssst. Yo quiero taco bell

Please don't fine me

Familia Griese Taco Shack

Wouldn't that be a great business for Bob to get into?

Ocean drive club

This used to be a marlins batting cage. We hear j lo had to duck
during the first game

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where the sports world has gone totally wrong

Jackie Cipollini asked officials inappropriate questions about the scoring of the balance beam - a violation that resulted in a one-point penalty that dropped her school from first to third in the competition.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Canned Food Drive!

Fans attending Sunday's game vs. the Buccaneers are encouraged to bring canned food and non-perishable food items canned meats (Tuna, chicken, etc.), beef stew, canned vegetables,  canned fruits, beans, rice, peanut butter, and mac & cheese for Feeding South Florida, formerly the Daily Bread Food Bank.  There will be volunteers at all entry gates collecting the food.  Help those less fortunate in South Florida this Thanksgiving by sharing with those in need.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mid-season MVP

We had a little ceremony to give Ronnie his mid-season MVP award.  But Kanye West found out about it and decided that he thought it belonged to someone else....


A friend of mine - Tony - told me that he has it from a reliable source that the guy who was running the scoreboard on Sunday at Foxborough was none other than the snowplow driver who cleared the field in 1982!
Snow plow game.jpg
Great research, and that explains it all!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Option play

I'd like to share with you the Wishbone offense.   So, the first picture would depict the offense.  You have the QB generally under center (like my drawing of the guy there?) - three backs line up in a triangle (or a "wishbone" if you will).
The object is to confound the defense with a guy running into the line, and having three guys run to the side; the QB will either run it himself or pitch it to one of the other guys, another blocks.  Its a wild formation that works against smaller, slower defenses.  In the NFL it doesn't really work, and you haven't seen it in years.
For pat White, he ran something similar.  He stood in the shotgun, and he ran right, pitching the ball to Ricky.  It was about as close to the wishbone as I've seen in 20 years.  It was a great playcall that worked in that situation.
Kudos to Henning for calling. the wildcat play that had the pitch back to Henne was not so good.  I'm fairly ceraitn that Henne had been off the field for every previous wildcat play.  He was on the field here, and my first thought was "its going to be a pitch back to Henne and a pass."  Apparently the Pats thought the same thing; and it was.  It was stopped for a loss.

The Patriots rules

There was a play in the first quarter where Paul Soliai was laying on the ground after a play.  I ran it back and watched it a couple of times.  It was clear that he was taken out by a clip.  The lineman engaged with him at the line, then the play moved past them.  Soliai moved to chase, and the lineman - who had released him - followed, then laid his body out while partially behind (and mostly beside) Soliai.

Naturally there was no flag.
But then (uh oh here comes the soap box) that''s where I'm generally peeeved about this effusive praise for the Patriots.  CBS has some sort of promotional arrangement, and has the CBS Zone outside of the stadium.  And therefore they *are* biased toward the Pats no matter what.  The NFL loves them as the darlings because they have the pretty boy QB, the homeless man (and cheater) as the head coach, and they score points - and sell tickets.
But back to CBS, Dierdorf and Gumbell were going on about how good it is to have Brady back because he's good for the game, and yada, yada, yada.  They jabbered on and on so much, I wound up turning down the sound.  I would have switched over to the radio broadcast, but because there's a 4 second delay on TV, but a 7 second delay on radio, you hear the outcome before you see it.  And that's not conducive to listening to a game while watching it. 
It was dreadful, I guess unless you're a Pats fan (but then why would you be?).
I gotta tell you, though, that while they get all the breaks right now, and they still have Brady, Moss, and Welker, they aren't *that* good.  They're nowhere close to where they were.  Yes, I suppose there are some sour grapes in there, but they are lacking in some areas.  Sure, they made up for shortcomings through decent coaching (they used two young guys to block Porter; they moved Vince Wilfork over so he couldn't be taken up by the center and guard), but they still have shortcomings.
But the football gods don't like smug.  And the Patriots are still that, and not at all humble.  I know its hard when you're good to be humble.  I said a few weeks ago they ran up the score against the hapless Titans.  This week, in stadium they showed Joey Porter on the sidelines near the end of the game and put a graphic under it that said "no tackles, no sacks" which shows a distinct lack of class. 
Yeah, he was bad, but he was beaten.  Humiliating your opponent will come back to bite you at some point.

great stiff arm?

The rules on touching the opponent's face mask are quite clear, and this off-season they went so far as to clarify it as follows:
The N.F.L. has decided that stiff arms are going too far.

Charean Williams of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that the league will emphasize to officials this season that stiff arms to the face should result in a 15-yard penalty. N.F.L. rules already say that "hands cannot be thrust forward above the frame to contact an opponent on the neck, face or head," so the instruction to officials to call such penalties is not a rules change, just a point of emphasis. The league's Competition Committee believes that the rule has not been adequately enforced in the past.

Said Titans coach Jeff Fisher, co-chairman of the Competition Committee, "We try to give the benefit of the doubt to the defense. When (offensive players) do stiff arm, they've got to be careful about going to the face."

In other words, the refs blew this call as well, and Dierdorf and Gumbell extolled it as being a "great play."
It was illegal, and should have resulted in a 15 yard penalty.
Cna you imagine if Vontae had done something similar to Moss?  Heck, he probably would have been ejected!

Ted Ginn is (still) a Miami Dolphin

Game on the line.  4th and 15.  Henne looks for Ginn.
And - you knew this before the pass got to him didn't you? - Ginn doesn't come down with it.
Dude, you have to make a play once in a while!
Yes, your kick returns were nice, but if you're getting to get a ball in a critical situation, come down with the ball!

Another oddity

Miami got jobbed again this week by the refs.  Though this time, it didn't lead to a TD.  But it did lead to a FG, and it was at the end of the half.
Brady had been sacked on the previous play; no timeouts left and about 13 seconds on the clock.  He gets the team rallied and back up to the line.
At :05, the snap is forthcoming
At :04, he gets the ball and drops back
At :03, he's releasing the ball
At :02, the ball has reached Moss
At :01 (the legitmate one, not shown) the ball is in the air
At :00, the ball has come to the ground, and the official is signaling incomplete.
But the clock still shows :01.  In other words, the Pats got a free play to get the field goal.
Now you could argue that the ruling was correct, and I'll grant you its up for debate. 
What I'm seeing here are plays that happened over the last few weeks, where essentially the refs made poor judgement calls that ultimately changed the game in some way.
That's not a statement intended to bash the refs.  Rather, its a statement that underscores that sometimes you have the football gods on your side, and sometimes you don't.  Miami right now does NOT...
...Imagine if those calls had been different.  Miami might be 5-3.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

It's mid-season

Time for the old report card.

Overall, they get a c. They've had their moments and appear stronger than last year. But they are 3-5 and have no receivers.

Offensively. The run game is strong. The passing game not so much.

Defensively. I like what I'm seeing from the rookies. The linebackers have been up and down. The line generally has been average.

Special teams. The kicking and punting is strong. The return game has been steadily improving.

Best game: Monday night. The jets. Nicely done.

Worst game: I'd still same game 1 against the falcons. Miami was not ready to play

MVP thus far - Ronnie Brown.

Rookie of the mid-year: Sean Smith. Though vontae is pushing him

Now here's to hoping they can do 5-3 the rest of the way.

And when you say Miami....'re talking superbowl.

I was thinking about that line in the song. It was written in 1971 and was in the midst of miami's 3 consecutive appearances in the game.

But it turned out to be prophetic because Miami has hosted 10 games while the dolphins haven't been back in 25 years. And won't be back this year.

So when you say Miami you are talking about hosting the superbowl.

What I'd like to ask Sparano (but won't)

Did you really think this team was set at receiver?

Cause it doesn't look that way now.

This game was over when....

Miami had a nice 10 minute drive to start the second half.

I said aloud that they had to hold new England on their next possession.

They didn't and that was it

But miami wasn't quite done and punted from the NE 43. A dumb move if ever there was one. The pats got back to that spot in 3 plays.

An option run?

Well, well, well.

Miami ran a true option play with White in at qb. It was the closest thing to a wishbone I've seen in years in the NFL.

I'll have to diagram it later.

Too bad

Channing Crowder didn't make the trip. The POS Matt Light is inactive.

So their rematch will have to wait for the game in Miami.