Saturday, October 24, 2009

Whos gonna win?

The dolhins in seaworld say it will be their counterparts in Miami

An advantage?

I know I've said in the past that the homfield heat advantage doesn't seem to matter as much.


It's the penultimate week in October and the temps today are in the upper 80s with exceptionally high humidity. It feels like the temp is somewhere in the high 90s.

And the saints have black uniforms.

Hey let's hope it helps.


Reportedly the saints practiced the wildcat extensively this week. Reggie Bush ran the scout team as Ronnie.

We will see if that helps or if Miami throws some new wrinkles their way.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ain't that funny?

A group in LA is building a new stadium to *hopefully* lure a team to play back in the 2nd-largest TV market...
One of the principals in the deal was interviewed recently, and was asked what teams might be candidates to move.
San Diego is the front-runner because the Chargers have a window each year to get out of their Qualcomm Stadium lease without the threat of a lawsuit. They also want a new stadium and haven't been able to get one done there.

Jacksonville can't get out as easily, but the
Jaguars are in a dire situation. Even when they tarp thousands of seats, they can't sell out their games. Others who potentially could relocate down the road are Minnesota, St. Louis, Buffalo and Oakland.
The one that makes me laugh is St. Louis.  Naturally, that's because the Rams moved from LA because they couldn't get a new stadium!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Walkthrough: Get Smart

The Dolphins Ranter found this one late alst week.  Its a good primer on the Wildcat among other things...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Looking ahead

The Saints continue to roll, scoring 48 points against the Giants!  They're averaging 33 points per game right now....
I think Miami has to find a way to control the clock and get the Saints occasionally to go 3 and out if they want to stand a chance...

Say what?

I didn't watch the game because it wasn't shown in my area - and we got Jets-Bills.  But the Patriots won 59-0 over the (seemingly) hapless Oilers/Titans?
Did I see correctly that Brady threw 6 TDs?  And the team kept trying to run up the score?
Oh the football gods will exact punishment for such poor sportsmanship. 
And on a related note, I saw several cheap shots on QBs today, all of which either were at the knees or the heads and not one of them was called.  But Brady gets a gift whenever anyone sneezes his direction? 
Mr Goodell, I know you love this franchise, but its time to level the playing field and call them out for the poor sports they are.

Reality says...

Sanchez is a decent QB, and may turn out to be very good one day.  But he was annointed from day one, and we he started 3-0, the media went nuts...
Now he's riding a 3-game losing streak, culminanting with a 5 interception performance...
To be fair, its not all his fault.  Rex Ryan runs a defense *like* the one he had in Baltimore.  Except he doesn't have Ray Lewis or Ed Reed.  And teams have figured out how to attack it.
The only reason they've been in the last 2 games is because their running game is very good.