Saturday, October 17, 2009

New owner

Fergie has been rumored to be the next minority owner of the fins. We
wouldn't mind seeing more of her around town!

And we think the idea of minority ownership is a good thing. In the
past the fins have hired celebrities to do promotions for the team,
including scoreboard messages like "I'm your biggest fan". Only to
have that same celebrity turn up in another city selling the same
wares there. They've hired motivational speakers to talk with the
team. Only to learn later that the speaker had an engagement with
their next opponent.

Being an owner prevents that. You are now exclusive to the dolphins.

But other than being a fan and bringing some hype, they really don't
have any impact on the organization.

And that's why I thought the rush thing was dumb. I personally think
he's an arse but he was going to be a minority owner. Would he have
had any impact on the team?

Except of course the team would always have a source for banned
substances and no doubt that they would always rush to the right side.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fwd: Edwards Catch

Our friend the Dolphins Ranter is convinced that Edwards made the TD reception - the one where I said his foot never touched.
He went medium tech on me here....

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From Paul. Cell Phone pic off TV so not sure if clear enough, but it was a catch.
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Henne beat the jets

Check out this video on YouTube:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

2009 RRA Miami Dolphins Alumni Weekend To Honor 1982 And 1984 AFC Championship Teams

2009 RRA Miami Dolphins Alumni Weekend To Honor 1982 And 1984 AFC Championship Teams



The Miami Dolphins 1982 and 1984 AFC Championship teams will be honored as part of the 2009 RRA Alumni Weekend festivities, presented by Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler, Attorneys at Law, during the weekend of October 23-25. The weekend will culminate with the Dolphins game against the New Orleans Saints at 4:15 p.m. at Land Shark Stadium. All proceeds from the unique and interactive weekend will benefit the Miami Dolphins Foundation.

"This will be the largest turnout for Alumni Weekend from those great teams in the 1980s," said Alumni, Youth and Special Projects Director Nat Moore who was a wide receiver for the Dolphins from 1974-86. "I have great memories of those two teams in particular and can't wait to relive special moments with my teammates and fans, while raising money in support of our foundation's initiatives to make a positive impact on youth in South Florida."

Dol-Fans are invited to take part in the many events scheduled during Alumni Weekend which kicks off on Friday, October 23 with a Gala Party and Auction at Land Shark Stadium. The evening will start with a VIP reception at 6:30 p.m. with players and coaches from the 1982 and 1984 teams, Hall of Famers and Honor Roll alumni players, followed by a cocktail hour and the gala party, with fabulous live entertainment, dancing and games, from 8 to 11 p.m.

"It's going to be special to get the 1984 team back together for the first time." said Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino who was named NFL MVP after the 1984 season where he set six NFL season passing records including the records for most touchdown passes (48) and most passing yards (5,084) in a single season. "It was a great year, not only for me, but for all of the players and coaches. We were able to win the AFC Championship and make it to the Super Bowl. I have great memories from that year and I am glad for all of my teammates that their accomplishments are being recognized."

Saturday, October 24 will feature the annual Alumni Weekend Golf Classic at the Doral Golf Resort and Spa's Blue Monster golf course. A shotgun start is scheduled for 8:30 a.m., followed by an Awards Cocktail Party at 1:00 p.m.

"I look forward to seeing the other players and coaches that were a part of my generation," said linebacker A.J. Duhe who intercepted three passes against the New York Jets in the 1982 AFC Championship Game. "I have wonderful memories from those teams that will be with me forever and I can't wait to sit back, laugh and have a great time with my teammates and fans."

A salute of both teams will take place at halftime of the Dolphins-Saints game on Sunday, October 25, preceding a 2:15 p.m. pregame tailgate party and the presentation of the 2009 Unsung Hero Award. The Unsung Hero Award was established in 2004 to honor a former Dolphins player who might not have received the recognition he deserved during his playing days.

For more information on Alumni Weekend events and to purchase tickets, please contact the Miami Dolphins Community Relations Department at (954) 452-7171.

Schedule of Events for 2009 RRA Alumni Weekend

Friday, October 23 - Alumni Weekend Gala Party and Auction
Land Shark Stadium
6:30 p.m. - VIP Reception
7:00 p.m. - Cocktail Party
8:00 p.m. - Gala Party and Auction

Saturday, October 24 - Annual Alumni Golf Tournament
Doral Golf Resort and Spa
4400 N.W. 87th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178
8:30 a.m. - Shotgun Start
1:00 p.m. - Awards Cocktail Party

Sunday, October 25
2:15 p.m. - Pregame Tailgate party
Pregame - Unsung Hero Presentation
4:15 p.m. Kickoff vs. New Orleans Saints
Halftime - 1982 and 1984 Teams Salute


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Love the comments

Dave Hyde comments on the Jets players and coaches comments:

Get the walker ready

Jr. Seau - who we here at Dave's once respected, before he retired and had a party before coming back - signed *again* with the Patriots, ending his third retirement.
So, they give away all their relatively young players, and then sign an aging veteran who was in his prime when rookies weren't even born?
Get the walker ready!

cry me a river

Calvin Pace told the NY Times yesterday ``I can't respect that stuff, all that Wildcat.  We're in the NFL. Don't come here with that nonsense.''
Maybe its because you got smacked around to the tune of 16 plays netting 110 yards?  Or maybe because you couldn't just blitz all day to stop Miami,
I'd argue that the defense that Rex Ryan runs, where its a lot of blitzing is a "gimmick" and "that's not the NFL" either.
The NFL is all about one thing: winning.  You find ways to take advantage of the players you have, and the situations that work. 
Sour grapes are just that. 

great play call

Dan Henning called a great game on Monday night.  I guess 27 years of experience really paid off!  He ran variations on the base offense and the wildcat; he ran traps, had counter plays (where the fullback and running back started one way - into the blocking flow - and then cut back to run the other way), and generally got everyone involved in the creative flow of the game.
Here was one that surprised the heck out of me.  Late in the game, Miami is driving.  Henning calls a moving pocket.  Basically, the entire line moved right to create a pocket in a different place from which Henne threw.
The object was to slow down the rush that Ryan was throwing at him on 3rd and 10.
It was exceptional in design, and the execution was nearly flawless.

This took some cojones

The Dolphins brought in Pat White for three snaps.  And they were all in the last couple of minutes, during a game winning drive.
Wow.  That took some guts.  And this play, in particular, was amazing.  White has his own number called.  He's in the shotgun, the line clears a hole,  He fakes the pass and runs a draw into the hole for the first down.


And speaking of receivers

I heard some people calling radio shows saying that they were excited because Ted Ginn finally proved his worth.
To quote Richard Dawson "Survey Says!"  "eeeeeeeeehhhh" and a giant red x appears on the screen.
One play does not a player or a season make.  Ginn did do a nice job with this catch.  He got past the defender, and the throw - though a little short - was very good.  He kept his eye on the ball and caught it.
The reality is that this was one of only two catches he had on the day.  That isn't good enough.  He needs to be making 8 or more a game and consistenly catching these types of balls, and scoring somewhere around a TD every two weeks.
I want to see consistency!

And speaking of Braylon

He got away with one on his first TD.  His right foot never touched the ground.  He got his left one down. and his right one swiped near the ground - but I contend it didn't touch the ground. 
Then, he hopped, and his left foot went down again, but his right was up in the air.  When he brought it down, he stepped out of bounds.
Sparano chose not to challenge it, but I think he would have won that challenge.  Were the refs watching the same game I was?
The announcers commented that they thought it should be reviewed, and then they went to commercial.  They mentioned it again briefly and showed a replay.  Either Jaws or Gruden said it was a "great catch" and he brushed the ground, and they moved on.
They're wrong.  Edwards should not have been awarded the TD.

Pass interference?

In the 4th quarter, there was a deep pass to Braylon Edwards.  He dove for the ball but wasn't able to come down with it across the goal line. 
Then, a flag comes out.  Pass interference on Will Allen.  I checked the defintion of interference:
  • Pass interference is the act of physically keeping an eligible receiver from having a fair chance to catch a thrown football. This can involve grabbing, holding, pushing or intentionally tripping the opposing player--basically, any act which impedes a player's attempt to gain possession of the ball.
  • For contact to be considered pass interference, it must meet certain criteria. First, it must be intentional, not accidental. Also, it must occur after the ball has been thrown but before any other player on the field has tipped or touched it.
    And then watched the play a couple of more times.  The screen shot shows the extent of the contact between Allen and Edwards; they both have their arms out and they each did what amounts to a "hand check" on each other.
    Edwards had both hands on the ball as he came down.  He certainly had a "fair chance" to make the catch.  And it did not appear that Allen made much contact.  So, the call was garbage.

    The interference call was 49 yards and gave the Jets a first down on the 1; after they got out of a 3rd and long near midfield.
    I think the rule needs to be tweaked.  Maybe something like its always a 15 yard penalty, unless there is clear evidence that the defensive back impeded the reception - like holding the arms or knocking the guy down.  You have to eliminate these types of calls....

    Something we take for granted

    Recommended reading.  It puts the Dolphins win in perspective...

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------

    As you know, my brother is serving in Iraq.  He got to watch last nights game and the title of my article was the overall mood after the game.  He told our mother the quote and told her it was that everyone there was feeling the same way.  Thought I would share it with you.  It's funny, last nights game to me was all about getting back in the race.  Feels a little different today.

    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    Too bad

    Miami Dolphins' Patrick Cobbs out for season with knee injury
    Patrick Cobbs tore his ACL in the game last night, and is lost for the season.  It happened on a 1-yard loss where Cobbs went down awkwardly near the sideline.
    It didn't look like much, but I suppose it was.
    Ike Hilliard is now the #3 back, and it appears as though Ted Ginn will move back into the returner role.

    Cheerleader website

    The Phins put up a new cheerleader site:
    Always a good thing.  But, I couldn't help but notice the title of the page (appearing at the top of the browser window) is "Cheerleader Layer" there's a title most guys wouldn't mind having themselves!

    from the WTF department?

    MIAMI GARDENS - As the Miami Dolphins played their bitter rivals the New York Jets at Land Shark Stadium Monday night in Miami Gardens, a man was airlifted from the stadium grounds after he was stabbed.

    Two men -- a scalper and a potential buyer -- were arguing over the price of tickets, according to Sgt. Bill Bamford, a Miami Gardens police spokesman.

    ``While trying to renegotiate the price, an argument ensued, and they got into a physical fight,'' Bamford said.

    The scalper pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed the man in the chest and back of the head.

    The man, who was not identified, was flown to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. His injuries were not life-threatening, Bamford said.

    Copyright © 2009, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

    Jets suck

    Alan says...

    They couldn't beat my grandmother even if she *weren't* running the wildcat

    Which isn't relevant, because she always runs the wildcat. She's a throwback

    Holy crap!

    What a helluva a game!
    Man was I wrong!  5 TDs in the 4th quarter.  No quit in Miami.  Chad Henne is for real.  Ronnie.  RIcky.  Pat White.

    Now if only our defense could play better...

    Monday, October 12, 2009

    Its halftime

    Jets lead 13-10, and I'm going to go on record as saying the Dolphins will not lead again in this game.
    I hope I'm wrong, but they just aren't playing well enough.

    My bad

    I listed the Jets as being undefeated.  D'oh!  I guess I have them on the brain.  They lost last week to the the Saints.
    Thanks to a reader named Tom who pointed out my (obvious) error.
    Still, they stand out in this division because of defense and QB play to this point.


    Near the end of regulation, game tied at 17, Denver got the ball back at the New England 45 with 1:37 remaining.
    ...On 1st down, its a run for 4 yards that takes 42 seconds.  55 seconds left
    ...On second down, its a pass that goes backward, but eats up 33 seconds, and New England calls a timeout
    ...22 seconds left, 3rd and 9 and the NE 44. 
    ...Orton gets sacked, but things get a little confusing.  Its now 4th and 15 from midfield, and there are 15 seconds left.
    ...this can't be right!  Denver is sending in the punting unit with the clock running?  They punt and it takes 7 seconds to wind up giving the ball back deep, so the Pats take a knee.
    The punt on 4th down was confusing since there was a sack on the previous play, and the clock should have been able to run out, or there should have been 1-2 seconds left to try a desperation pass.
    I can't figure out what happened exactly.

    Why is that?


    6 teams sit with perfect records, and 4 have imperfect records.  Why?  I decided to take a look at contributing factors.  Clearly most at the top have good QBing, but there are other fators as well.

    The ones at the bottom?  Well, they're just bad all the way around, except for KC which has suffered from a lot of bad luck,
    QB Run Game Defense Special Teams Coaching Comments
    Saints Excellent Very Good Very Good Very Good Good The Saints rally behind Brees and believe in themselves
    Giants Very Good Excellent Very Good Good Very Good One Manning is having a lot of success on a team that works hard and knows it can win
    Colts Excellent Good Good Good Good The other Manning is the best QB in the game.  Period.  Everything else falls behind that fact
    Broncos Good Good Good Good Good A lot of luck has led the way, but getting rid of Cutler was a stroke of genius, and now Brandon Marshall is a "convert" to the philosphy
    Vikings Very Good Excellent Very Good Good Good A healthy Brett Favre is a great thing for a few games.  The run game is what powers this team.  And the defense doesn't hurt
    Jets Good Very Good Very Good Good Good Ryan's defense is the catalyst, but I still have my doubts about the consistency of Sanchez
    Bucs Bad Average Average Bad Average There's a lack of talent on the team, a new coach, and a new QB
    Titans Mediocre Very Good Good Bad Average Coaching may be part of the issue here: why stick with Collins through 0-5?  But special teams certainly is a critical factor.
    Rams Bad Good Bad Average Average They also lack talent, and a new coach
    Chiefs Mediocre Good Average Poor Poor Cassel made the most of his time in New England and benefitted from the schemes and support players.  That's not quite enough in KC

    Sunday, October 11, 2009

    Must miss tv

    Locally - in south Florida - the 1 o'clock offerings for the NFL are:


    Yuck. Looks like it's time to see what's playing at the local cineplex.

    The 4pm offering is better with the Patriots at Broncos. But I personally can't stand the patsies and prefer not to watch them. Ever