Saturday, September 26, 2009

Let's go uhhhhh.

I love seeing the washed out dolphins logo in the outfield of a
marlins game

Fan experience?

Thought y'all might like to see what Britto did to the access ramps.

As a friend of mine said "they're making it feel more like a club"

Friday, September 25, 2009

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Maybe there's a reason

Teddy was asked the last time he dropped a potential game-winning td in the endzone.

"I never had one. That was my first one. It's something you're going to remember because you're always going to say, 'I needed to come down with that catch and we'd be 1-1. It's just something I put in the back of my head and I'll be fine."

So the question is: did he ever actually have a potential game-winning pass thrown his way?

My guess would be no. At least with Miami. And that by itself speaks volumes.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Turnover ratio

Miami was +17 after all was said and done last year.
This year they are -5 through 2 games.  They've given it away 5 times (including the pick on the last offensive play) and do not have a single takeaway.


I do have to give kudos to the play of Sean Smith last night.  He essentially shut down Reggie Wayne.  Now Peyton found other targets, but if there was a ray of hope, that would be it.


Miami's defense generally sloppy, but in this instance they were confused.  Miami had 11 guys on the field as the previous play ended, but decided to substitute late.
(One pic shows basically the end of the previous play; the other shows at the snap)
And Peyton saw it and took advantage.  Miami was called for too many men on the field.
That's not something you would expect to see from a disciplined football team.

maybe thats how they lost?

Not only did ESPN get Miami's starting right guard wrong; they also covered the field when the Colts were on offense.  We can only assume this was to disguise the play and confuse the Dolphins.
[yeah, we know it was a technical issue with the technology used and it appeared above the players, rather than below them --ed]

The ranter strikes again

In Beradino's Q&A
Q: I think that the offense deserves credit for a great game. Especially the offensive line. Our defense was horrible. And the two-minute drill coaching was terrible. My question is with the most accurate passer in NFL history, with the score tied 20-20, why didn't we make an attempt at a first down instead of running to setup the FG? Our coaches had to know that Indy would probably get a TD. --The Ranter

A: I agree. That was a mistake to go conservative on third-and-6 from the 30 in a tie game with that much time left. Same goes for the decision on third-and-7 from the plus 32 late in the first half. They ran Ricky Williams up the middle for five yards that time, got the 44-yard field goal from Dan Carpenter, then watched Peyton Manning take the Colts down the field in the final 43 seconds to get a 48-yarder from Adam Vinatieri and a 13-13 tie at the half. Even Pennington talked afterward about how you need to get touchdowns, not field goals. But Tony Sparano said he "was absolutely willing to take the points in that situation [in the fourth]. That put us ahead. I have a lot of confidence in our defense." Maybe too much confidence as it turns out.

who's that guy?

When ESPN popped up the graphic of Miami's starting line, I had to do a double take.
Who is this #66?  And doesn't anybody check their facts?  Didn't anyone notice that the guy wearing #66 for Miami has different colored skin, or that Miami doesn't have a guy with this name on the roster?
This is a sports network - right?  You'd think they'd be checking these things....

Where this game was lost

Miami had the momentum. They were driving and pushingvthe colts defenders around. The guys on defense were tired.

It's the fourth quarter and there about 6 minutes left. They arecat the Indy 34 with a first and 10.

There's a pass to ginn for no gain, followed by a wasted timeout.

Then it's two runs to Brown that gain 4 and 3 yards.

And on comes Carpenter.

Seemed odd that they weren't being agressive them; now we know that this really didn't pay off.

Monday, September 21, 2009


See my comments about Ted Ginn in the wanker section.


Pennington sucks

Yeah it may not be all on him but I've seen enough.

Time to move on. Henne anyone?

What the.....?

How the hell does Miami dominate - and I mean dominate - in yards and time of possession ....

And yet they manage to lose?

This team couldn't beat my grandmother!

Oh and two. Wow are they inapt. That may very well have been one of the LAMEST 2 minute drives I have ever seen.

odd day for me

As many of you long time readers know, I was a season ticket holder for many years.  I finally gave up the tickets when it became clear that I just didn't have the time to tailgate all day; and besides it can get costly.
And as you know, Miami hasn't had a home Monday Night Football appearance in....forever.
So today, I actually found myself missing the idea of going out to the game.  In my mind, I was there, but in reality I couldn't fit it into the schedule - especially after being out of work for a week. 
This was the first Monday Night appearance I've missed in the last 15 or so years.

Tom Brady

He doesn't look like the same player.  He's more tentative, and appears to be avoiding contact.  With the Jets bringing lots of pressure on Sunday, he kept stepping away and throwing awkwardly.  And he really was the same against the Bills.
Oh, and the team makeup doesn't appear to be the same, either.  I have to wonder if the GM going to KC has something to do with it.  I can't imagine that he would have traded Ricahrd Seymour a week before the season.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gotta love this

Here's an article from the onion in 2002 that I find genuinely amusing.

My friend Alan asks:


> is this a profile of dennis miller or you?

> Steelers fan. Must be Dennis Miller.


There's something not right about this

Tim Robbie joined as a handicapper. Here's the bio they have on him:

Tim Robbie - About Me

Tim Robbie literally grew up around pro football. From the age of 11, when his father, Joe Robbie, founded the Miami Dolphins in 1966, Tim worked in many different capacities with the Dolphins.

As a high school senior, Tim charted plays for legendary coach Don Shula and offensive wizards Howard Schnellenberger and Monte Clark, learning the team's playbook inside and out. The year was 1972, when the Dolphins posted the only undefeated season in the modern era of pro football.

At the age of 34, Tim was named President of the Dolphins and Chairman of the Board of Joe Robbie Stadium following his father's death in 1990. Tim held these positions for several successful seasons, until the team and stadium were eventually sold to H. Wayne Huizenga.

Over the past several years, Tim has taken on many other business interests, but maintains his ties to the NFL through local radio programs in the South Florida area. He currently serves as an expert analyst on's NFL programs, and has shown exceptional prowess picking NFL games on radio shows and Sportscastnow for more than a decade.

Vegas Insider is pleased to welcome Tim to our team of experts.