Friday, September 18, 2009

Coach Sparano

I caught his weekly show this morning.  Lots of the usual innocuous comments and safe sayings.  But one thing I like about his show is that he's often got a few nuggets that you might not catch anywhere else; and he tells something likes as they are.
Today, he talked about how he spends a little time each week with his players going over the referees they are due to face in the upcoming game.  He goes over *their* tendencies, what they are likely to call, and how they grade out.
Now that's a thorough job in understanding your next game.

This week

It was a quiet week from me for the most part. And that's because I had jury duty, and was in a panel to potentially be selected for a case, and we met every day to see where things shook out.

The first day the judge asked for my hobbies and I said "I enjoy the mediocre professional football team," which elicited a laugh. And she added something like "I'm glad you stuck to 'mediocre' for the record"....

And to relate it back to football, at the end, there was the final selection of the jurors. I came to realize its something akin to your fantasy draft. Both "teams" have "players" they want and "players" they want to avoid. There's a chess match to try and outfox your opponent (if I pass on Peterson, he might take him or he might take Brady). So, in my case, they took Willis Magahee and left me as an available free agent.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A followup

I didn't mention the reason for the TMQ quote:

If the NFL allows teams to sell their images to state lottery systems then how can they claim they act as a single entity?

Yeah that's too bad

Eric Man-genius, the jets, and the gm were all fined by the NFL for not disclosing a Brett Favre injury last season. There's a word for that.

Let's see what word describes that? Oh yeah. Wankers!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Interesting take

TMQ noted the following in his column last week. Given what we have said about the NFL and gambling we thought it was worth passing along:

" Delaware has decided to sell a lottery ticket based on NFL scores; a legal fight has ensued in which the NFL prevented Delaware from marketing lotto tickets for individual pro football games, but failed to block Delaware from using NFL scores in "parlay" betting. The legal fight will continue. How long till you can bet on an NFL over-under in any gas station? By signing lottery endorsement deals, the NFL loses the high ground in arguing against games like those run by Delaware."

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dolphins' worth

Here's an article in Forbes about the worth of the Dolphins:

Well, doesn't that just fit?

Kind of amusing that minority owner Serena Williams lost her composure - and her match - in the US Open yesterday.
If it had been today, I would have explained it away as her being mad at the team she owns.

Kudos to the Ranter

He asked Mike Beradino a question, and got an answer:
Q: Was it me, or did every time the Dolphins seem to have an offensive drive going, they went to one of the gimmicky formations (Wildcat, Spread) which usually stalled the drive? ---The Ranter

A: Pennington again on that very topic: "Hindsight is 20/20. When the Wildcat works, everybody's for it. When the wildcat doesn't work, nobody's for it. The wildcat is part of what we do. As a quarterback you have to be able to adjust. I don't really have an opinion one way or the other." You got the sense Pennington would rather not come out of the game for the PatCat – or whatever we're calling it today – but you didn't really think the Dolphins spent a second-round pick on Pat White because of his skills in wielding a clipboard, did you? Gimmicky, yes. Temporary, no.

On Pennington

I still believe he's a liability, and that since he's under a 1-year contract the Dolphins are not doing anything more than trying to win now by playing him this season.
And what of Chad Henne?  Will he be a great NFL QB?  The odds are against it, and here's why:
The 25 greatest QBs of all time each started at least one game in their rookie year, played in several, and took over the starting role some time during their second year.  Now there are a few exceptions and caveats - like a couple of guys who had military service out of college, Johnny U  who was released by his first team, Favre who sat on the bench in Atlanta, and a few guys who actually started their careers in another league.  And Sonny Jurgensen who had to wait behind Norm Van Brocklin for a few years.
But even so, those guys had great first years in the NFL when they made their debuts.
....and when we look at current QBs in the league, the same trend emerges with the exception of Philip Rivers, who is the modern day equivalent of Jurgensen.
In short: if Henne is not playing now, then he will never be a great NFL QB.  And if the Dolphins don't think he's ready, then I guess they need to be looking for someone to draft next year.
Or maybe, just maybe, the guy is Pat White.

Our QB

Hey, Drew Brees threw a pick today, just like Pennington....only he threw 6 more TD passes than Chad.
Too bad we never had a chance to get Brees

Maybe the problem is Jason Taylor.

He was here.  The team went 1-15.
He left, the team went 11-5, and the Redskins went 6-10 or whatever.
Now he's back, and the Dolphins look god-awful.
I'm just sayin...


If they play this bad all year, they'll be lucky to win 6.

It's the 4th quarter

That means henne can come in.

Henne! Henne!

Time to go back to what works

For me.

During 1-15, I made the decision to TiVo the games and watch later - fast forwarding through the cover your eyes moments.

As we got to the later part of last season, I started watching games live.

Now....I think I'm going to revert to finding other things to do and watch this crap later.

This team couldn't beat my grandmother.

You simply can't go out and lay an egg in week 1. You just can't.

He has competition

Fasano is also a wanker

Wanker nominee

So far it looks like pennington will win wanker of the week - picking up where he left off in the playoff game last year

Prove me wrong. I dare you.


No yards on two drives and a loss of 1 on this one?



Jake long can not handle John Abraham.

Ted ginn still blows.

Miami didn't do enough to adjust at halftime.

While I was optimistic at the start, I think they're headed for 0-1 today.

Insert maniacal laughter

"Ted Ginn is an explosive returner"

And he gets it to the 18

Great work Teddy

Where's the karma?

Miami had a nice sequence to get down the field. Then fasano fumbles.

The ball gets knocked out and goes out of bounds.

We are at 2 turnovers.

Best TE?

Miami has no answer for Tony Gonzalez

And miamis offense looks mostly inept thus far

Can the defense get off the field?

Long drive that goes 3:30 but they miss the fg. I guess they find ways to make it work.

Interesting decision

Pat white is listed as the # 2. Qb. Chad henne is inactive.

I would have thought both would be active. I suppose not.

Cameron wake us inactive as well.