Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gee that's too bad

Tom Brady injured his shoulder last night.

Speaking for non- pats fans everywhere, we are so sad and hope that he plays in every game!

The wanicker

Alabama signed little Nicky to a 3-year extension which means he is probably ready to bolt to whover else thinks he's great and wants to worship him.

The blocked punt

Okay, in this sequence, we see what should have been a positive plan turn into something negative.
Patrick Cobbs got into the backfield and got a piece of the ball, thus getting credit for the block.
The ball goes straight up into the air and Charlie Anderson (middle of the pack in the second pic) sees it and floats back to grab it.
He's a linebacker, so catching a punt is not his forte.  He sticks his arms out, but momentarily looks at the guy right in front of him....and drops it.
Its on the ground for a moment, but Tampa recovers and gets a first down.
Why is it a first?  Because the ball crossed the line of scrimmage (blue line) and was touched by a Miami player.  Think the Leon Lett play in the Thanksgiving day game a decade or so ago.
Had Anderson let it bounce, it would have been Miami's ball.  Or if the punt had bounced a yard to the right, it would have been Miami's ball.
Some night they had.

Pass interference

On Miami's lone possession in the 1st quarter, Brian Hartline made a terrific over-the-shoulder catch for a 39 yard gain...but it was negated because of the seldom-called offensive pass interference.
The rule is clear: if a receiver extends his arm in an effort to separate from the defender, it should be called [unless you are a premiere wideout or play for the Patriots a/k/a the "Randy Moss Exception"].
Hartline did extend his arm fully, so it was the correct call - even though it hurt to see them lose that first down.
It does show that Hartline has a lot of promise...


I was at Bokampers for the first half "enjoying" the stellar performance. Then the lightning came and we opted to leave.

By the time the group had paid and finished whatever conversation we were having the game had resumed.

I got home just before the half watched the updates and fell asleep just as the second half kicked off.

I woke up in time to see the highlights after the game.

It was that riveting and scintillating!

Busy times

The dolphins completed a whirlwind stretch on Thursday - 3 games in 11 days.

It culminated in what can be described as a lackluster performance. But I suppose that makes some sense after that.

Still this is the game that you say is the closest thing to reality you'll see in the preseason; the one you gameplam for.

And yet the starting offense had the ball for 4 plays in the entire 1st quarter, and for three plays on their next drive. The defense was getting gashed for play after play.

It was a couple of defensive series in deep and drives right before and just after the half that won it.

If you take two positives take that and that there were no injuries. It's better than nothing v

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Want to take Dolphins news on your iPhone?

I found an app called "Free RSS reader" in the iTunes store and installed it.
You can add the RSS feed from this site, any of the other fan sites, the Herald, the Sentinel, or whatever you happen to like.
And if you want more control, you can first use one of the free available tools like the "Google Reader" to parse your feeds, and then simply use that to handle your feeds, rather than adding them indvidually on the iPhone app. can easily take all the Dolphins news you want with you!
Happy times!

A Marino

I work in a business that is in no way related to football - this website is truly my (passionate) hobby.
Anyway, I was working on a team doing a job, and then I got moved into another job due to some "restructuring."  
But here's where a football analogy works:
About a Marino later (that is, less than a month, the amount of time he was the VP of football at the Dolphins), I was "traded" for another team member back to the team I had been on previously.
So, maybe I'm kind of like Ernest Willford (he's back in Jacksonville).  No wait.  He made millions...I'm not making that kind of jack.

Monday, August 24, 2009

nice variation on the wildcat

Here's the thing: the Wildcat is here to stay. It makes teams spend time in practice preparing for it, and yet it has many facets. Or may not be used at all.

Clearly, Miami's blocking scheme has gotten more intricate to further confound defenses. And now with the addition of some new players, it may not be so obvious that they're running it with Ronnie in the shotgun.

But Saturday night, they opened up a few of the same plays they used last season, and this one - which employed a pitch back to Pennington for a pass.

In other words: look out NFL because its going to keep coming at you....or maybe not.

Adventures in officiating (part 2)

Earlier in the game, there was a punt that was muffed by the Panthers. The ball came down and the returner dropped the ball. It is clearly out of his possesion after he was hit by a Dolphin.

Then, Courtney Bryan fell on top of it.

A few players dove on him, but at the conclusion of the play, he stands up with the ball.

The officials - I'm guessing distracted by the cheerleaders - ruled that it was Carolina ball. Sparano threw the challenge flag. The officials conferred and announced that the play was not reviewable.

There was some lame explanation provided by the NFL to the broadcast crew. But the explanation is not correct. Here's why:

* All changes of possesion ARE reviewable.
* There are a few exceptions to when replay may be used; punting is NOT an exception
* Clearly the ball came out but all 7 officials missed that

The only logical conclusion I can come to is that the ref thought that a muff itself was not reviewable (though again there is no specific rule on that), and since they didn't see it, they couldn't review it.

Its preseason, so whatever, but I wouldn't want a game to be decided like that...

Adventures in officiating (part 1)

Cameron Wake was denied his first sack as a Dolphin. Inexcplicably, they called a pass incomplete when the Panthers QB threw it long after he was down.

In the ref's defense, he may not have seen the QBs knee (yeah, right).

You can clearly see his knee is on the ground, and he has not thrown the ball.

In the press box

At this week's game, the had a visit by the guy who heads up the SuperBowl Host Committee.
Now let me start by saying the SuperBowl is a fine event, and brings a lot of money into the local economy and we're glad to have it.
But....(you knew there was a but)....
He was urging people to visit the website and sign up as volunteers to help make the SuperBowl a success.  There was some rhetoric about how its the volunteers that really make the operation work.
And I have a problem with that.  See, the SuperBowl generates hundreds of millions of dollars (I suppose its possible that a billion dollars changes hands through all the work that's done).  Yet, they are looking for people to work FOR FREE for them.  In other words, the NFL makes money, the city makes money, and various entities make of your labor.
I'm not saying that you shouldn't volunteer, because there are certain aspects that can be fun.  Just know what you're getting into - helping someone else get rich. Be sure you're getting something in return, if only the fun of being at the stadium or around town to watch people.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I stand corrected

David J Neal of the Herald sent me a note earlier about my comment about the Dolphins fight song (as I said, I wasn't there and only heard about it).
To wit:
You understand incorrectly. The T-Pain version of the fight song was played at some point before the game. The original version was played between the third and fourth quarters to such a rousing roar, I could hear it in the press box restroom. The contrast was Tweeted about by several writers and on Armando Salguero's Dolphins in Depth blog.
Thanks, David, for clearing that up!

From the game

I was not at the game last night, but I understand that they did not play the T-Pain(ful) version of the Dolphins fight song, nor did they play the original.
Nope, instead they played Buffet's fins song - and only that song - after every score.
That's lame IMHO.

Silly double entendre comment

During the game last night some guy named Beavers was receiving a punt for the Panthers.

In football parlance when a player drops the punt it is called a muff.

So the play happens and Beavers drops it. Nat Moore says "he has trouble with that muff but gets right back down on it."

Given his name and the comment it's hard to let that one slide.