Saturday, August 22, 2009

Support our troops

The Phinphantatic sent me the attached. 
We here at Dave's Bitchin' truly respect those who serve their country and do their part to keep us safe.  We wish James - and all his brothers in arms - godspeed, and a safe return home.
Enjoy the pics.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Hey All,

My brother James was deployed to Iraq two weeks ago and last night sent me the photos that is attatched.  I thought I would share them with you.  He sent them in full size so you will likely have to re-size them to see them.  

Feel free to do whatever you want with them.  His name is James Miller.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Nice play

In the run-oriented offense there's a "counter play" in which the offensive line primarily blocks one way, and the back takes a step that way in order to get the defense to overcommit.

Then, the RB will cut back and go to the other side where a couple of players are "sealing off" the end of the line.
When it works, its a thing of beauty.  In this particular case, it didn't work, and Ricky went for a gain of 2 if memory serves. 
But it was nice to see some thought given to play design, even if the execution was sloppy.  Since the Phins will meet the Jags in the regular season, they didn't want to give too much away, but this just goes to show you that they have lots of things up their sleeves for the season.
Heck, I can't remember the last time I saw Miami run a counter play - at all.
(Hartline came to the right, Thomas pulled from the RG position to the outside as he might on a sweep, the C, RT, and LG  blocked left; Long blocked right, as did the FB.)

But wait...

When I looked closely at what was on the screen...what was that?  Let me zoom in...
Hey, we like that custom view!!
[okay lame joke]

Handheld gizmo

The announcers (Nat, Bob, and the guy from out of town) were given one of the hand-held gizmos that the club seat owners will have access to in order to create their own replays.
They were talking it up and showing it off late in the broadcast on Monday.
 I'll admit it looks like a relatively cool piece of technology...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Williamses?

Turns out that Venus and Serena Williams will be minority owners of the Dolphins.
Uhhh, yeah, nothing like getting natives of California to energize the fan base in Florida.  Yes, they own a home (s?) in Palm Beach.  No, they usually don't go to Dolphins games.  And with their tennis schedule, I wouldn't say they are really "residents" of anywhere in particular.

At the stadium

They have an announcement on the scoreboards before the start of the game that talks about behaviors that will get you ejected from the game (like, using profanity, sitting in the wrong seat, not complying with stadium personnel, etc)...the list goes on for a while and I turned to my friend and said "also, if you fail to spend $50 in concessions, or if you don't take the offer for an upsell on your order, you will be ejected and subject to a fine of $100."
That was a running joke throughout the night.  And at one point, a policeman came up into our section as though he was looking for someone.  I turned to my friend and said "quick, pull out all your receipts.  He's looking for someone he heard about in this section who hasn't made the concession donation."
Anyway, I forgot about the comment until this morning when I found something in the pocket of the pants I wore the other night.  They had photographers running around taking pictures of fans in the stands, and they gave you a card to retrieve the photos a website later.  I found the card.
So, I went over to the website, and its (naturally) a picture that is for sale.  For only $13.99 you can get your 5x7 picture from LandShark Stadium printed, and mailed to you for a nominal additional fee.
Some fan amenity that Mr. Ross has created there, isn't it? 
And speaking of that, I went to a Marlins game on Sunday and parked literally by the entrance for $10.  I went back on Monday and had to go to a further away lot, and was charged $25 for parking in the same facility.  How absurd.

No help there

The Dolphins signed Eric Green during the free-agent period hoping that he would help them at corner.
He was cut after one preseason game, so that's it for him.
I guess the fact that they signed an aging tight end who last played football in the 1990s came back to bite them.

Super Bowl

Miami missed out on the next available Super Bowl because, to paraphrase Roger Goodell, the stadium is out of date.
Now you may say that seems odd because H Wayne spent $250 million recently to renovate the stadium.
Well Stephen Ross has your answer.  To paraphrase him 'maybe the money was spent in the wrong places.'
To which I would ask: you mean the bathrooms?

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coming soon

Steve announced that more celebrity monority owners will be announced next week including "an African American" and Fergie.

The reference to steve is that's what fergie called him.


The dolphins announced that 61,000 people attended the 1st preseason game.

To which I would say that maybe that's how many tickets - including freebies and such - were distributed.

No way were there more than 30,000 in attendance.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pull the plug on granny?

My grandmother weighed in on the healthcare debate when she heard the quote on pulling the plug!

She said:
"forget that! No one is going to pull any plugs on me!

"for all the seniors out there I have some advice: try out for an NFL team. Maybe you make the team or even the practice squad. Then you've got healthcare!

"then again maybe you don't make it. There's always the chance you'll get hurt and be placed on IR. Same result - healthcare. Or maybe you get an injury settlement.

"and there's always a possibility that you go out in a blaze of glory gladiator style."

Good ole granny. Gotta love het

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field change....

I used my camera to snap several pictures of the field on both Sunday and Monday nights, from roughly the same vantage point (baseball is on the 100 level, football on 400), to try and give a sense of what changes are made when they go from one arrangement to the other.



Note: the compositing of the images produced some unexpected distortion, but generally this gives a sense of how it looks in panorama

Monday, August 17, 2009


Alright. Pat white showed some ability late. And there ya go


10 men on the field. Good timeout by miami

Pat white

Looks like a rookie. I don't think he's quite ready for primetime.

That said. His reads are good. His accuracy is the problem

And we're back

Rain and lightning stopped.

We just heard the jaws theme. Don't dolphins chase sharks or something?

Heck of a way to watch the game

Tickets to the game: $40
Up-sized food order: $25
Watching the game on a small tv above the ladies room while it rains:

Ernest willford?!

Wow he scored an actual td!

What's missing here?

I think someone stole all the tvs!!!

We can't watch the game while we are waiting.

What's up with that?

Some storm

And the rain doth come

It is pouring. We are standing by the concession stand

Chris Williams

The phins are using him as the kick and punt returner.

I like what I see. Nice reads and moves. He may be the return specialist. Who knows?

I love mascot football

Pop quiz

What does the prevent defense do?

Prevents you from winning

It's thechalf and it is 6 to 6

My bad

On the interference play earlier it was Vontae Davis on the play.

Still. Keep your head in the game

6 to 3

Okay by me

Henne looks sharp

I like what I see. And when I saw the hookup between he and turner I thought "that's something we are probably going to see a lot"

Dumb ass play

Rey Hill hit a guy making a fair catch. He already is listed as second team. He's got to keep his head in the game

Meant to note

Chad Henne came on at qb on the dolphins current drive

End 1st

Of your basic 1st preseason football game.

Generally speaking: dull

3 is better than 0

Miami started with a decent drive. But at the 18 as I shouted loudly "you are going the wrong way!"

They get a figgie. The fins song plays. The new t painful dolphins fight song plays.

Big papa sighting

4:11 into the game and they showed big papa on the big screen

The stadium must have missed him

First 2 series

Defense looked good.

Offense went 3 incompletions and out.

Lots more hip hop music

I'm not sure what to make of it

Coin toss

Lots of alumni out there as honorary captains.

Dolphins won the toss we think but deferred

Oh man. Football is back

13 minutes to kickoff

The cheerleaders are dancing.

Nearly game time

I'm here and hope to provide updates this evening

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I happen to think that the changeover between baseball and football that they undertake a few times each season is nothing short of remarkable.  Kudos to the grounds crew for getting it done.
Here they are working on the pitchers mound and the outfield scoreboard this evening after the Marlins completed their game - prepping for the game between the Phins and Jaguars.