Saturday, August 15, 2009

HUGE Phins Video List

My buddy Igor (over at Driven by Boredom) pulled together a fairly comprehensive list of Dolphins videos that I thought I'd pass along to my readers.

Last Season:

Current Players:
Joey Porter:
Beloved Lunatic Ricky Williams:
New Draft Pick Pat White:
Mr Wild Cat Ronnie Brown:
J Peezy Talkin shit - and


72 Team:

Don Shula:

Perfectville Pt 2:
JT NFL Tour:
Spike Play AD: (watch clutch qb marino vid 1st)
Weird Hook & Lateral:
Shula Ford Ad:

Random Stuff:
Top 10 Phins:
Dan on public urination:
Phins Rap:
Robot JT:
T-Pain Theme:
Statue of liberty at 1min 20 sec:
Thanksgiving Snow Game:

love the socks

Davone Bess is sporting a throwback set of NFL tube socks. Gotta love it.

A pic from training camp

I didn't even realize I had this one on the camera

Friday, August 14, 2009

Its my 15th anniversary

Its hard toi believe, but I've been doing this for 15 years. Yep, 15 years and granny still is involved.

She decided to throw me a party to celebrate - or maybe to see some of her old beaus, we can't be sure.

We got pictures!!!!

If it doesn't appear to be sized correctly, click here to open it in a new window

[this is in flash, if you ain't got flash, you can't see it - sorry]

love this quote

Sparano was asked how long it took Cobbs to reach this level of confidence with the coaches
"Oh, I mean, it took a little bit of time last year for that to happen. You know, because I really, you know, I had experience with him only in the fact that he went to school in Texas, and I knew, again, he was a legend down there for god's sakes. But, you know, I knew what he did in college and when he came here. You know, you have Ronnie, you have Ricky, you are not sure where this guy fits in. And, slow and steady he shows you everyday out here that he warrants having a role, and little by little, you start to give him more crumbs every single day, and you figure out he can handle a little bit more of this, a little bit more of that, you know, before you know it, you got a big old pie out there."
You've got a big old pie out there.

ticket sales

According to an article in the Sentinel "In the wake of the 2007 debacle, the Dolphins sold only 46,131 season tickets last year, their lowest total since 1992."
That number had previously not been made available.  Wow.  That's low.
Later: "...Dee expects to reach at least 51,000 this year. "  That would be an increase of about 10%, which seems reasonable, since we assumed that there was a decrease of 20% with the Cam "error"
But, here's the interesting point, he plans to get to a 40% increase, or around 65,000 within 5 years.   Ummm, they haven't had 65,000 since 1974, you know, when the Dolphins were coming off back-to-back Super Bowl championships.


Michael Vick

After much speculation, and Tony Dungy (his mentor) saying that Vick likely would wind up in a city like Indy (though not Indy) where he could grow as a person, Vick signed with the Eagles.

Now, Philly itself is a great city and there are many fine people living there. But they take their sports seriously, and will boo whoever they feel like it, whenever they feel like it.

Heck, they even booed Santa in 1968.

So, good luck to you Mike.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Forgotten pic #2

If you've never been out to training camp, this pic will give you a
sense of what you can see. Offensive players are in white closest to
the stands. Defensive players are in aqua further away.

The picture was taken from the southern end in the first row.

Forgotten pic #1

This is the South side of the training facility. They took down the
opaque fence cover and added a few bleacher seats to handle the
overflow crowd.

Good thing, too, since 3400 people turned up on Saturday.