Saturday, August 08, 2009

Another article

In another herald piece, Jeff Darlington talks about how Sparano uses training camp to try things out, to talk with coaches about strategy, and to tailor some parts of the game plan to the strengths of his players.

And he's right on the money. You need look no further than the wildcat for how Sparano planned fir something during training camp that he ultimately used.

But what amazes me is how at least 3 of the last 4 coaches didn't feel that way and always said "there wasn't enough time" to get creative or have unique game plans. And they never really built the offense around player strengths.

I'm really to like this sparano guy.

Tweet this

This morning Israel Gutierrez published an opinion piece in the Herald about the decision to not allow fans to tweet from the stands. He makes the point that "real" reporters check their facts and follow the team rules about not divulging too much.

And offhandedly he dissed those of us who write about the phins in our not-paid-as-reporters way.

A couple of thoughts come to mind:

(a) after the April fools joke our buddy Brian played (the JT story) on reporters on a national scale, it's hard to imagine them actually checking facts.

(2) who cares what a bunch of tweeters say? If they were to be at a practice and see Joey Porter line up at running back and reported on it - what would that mean? Was it a bogus report? The dolphins were toying with us? Or that other teams should look out?

The reality is that it should force teams to think about their strategy and use Twittering fans to their advantage. We can remember what we saw, write it down, tell someone in a phone conversation, or photograph it. What's the difference?

And if another team wants to parse thousands of (potentially bogus) Twitter entries then I say let them.

(iii) and to my friend at the herald - I know we're a threat to you but why be antagonistic? There are better ways to handle your relationship with us. We're all just reporting about the phins.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Loved the story about Don Shula in the Miami Herald

In particular, something about this picture caught my attention:


I think it's safe to say there's man crush going on here.,0,5391311.column?track=rss

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Twitter this

We have it on good authority that Tony Sparano has made it clear that players and coaches may not blog, tweet, or otherwise post comments to the web.

That includes when they have down time and are out of the team facility.

I'm not sure what to make of that. I suppose it's good.

This is *exactly* the problem

I'm watching the marlins game and the announcers are complaining that the start of dolphins training camp took the top billing in the local newspapers, thus moving the marlins to page 2.

Ummmm. Sorry but this just further underscores that this is a FOOTBALL town. And that's unlikely to change - new stadium or not.

Monday, August 03, 2009

A Cleo sigthing!

Lemon was signed to a contract by the patriots.

The owner announced it a press conference where he also welcomed Brady back, and sluffed off any rumors about vick.

What amused me about the whole thing was how reporters interspersed quotes throughout their articles, but in such a way that one quote dealt with lemon then the next with Brady then back to lemon then on to vick

So at one point it sounded as if the owner was saying "why would I take a proven guy like Cleo off the field and replace him with vick?"

And that made me wonder if we gave up on lemon too quickly - or if Brady isn't fully recovered.