Friday, July 31, 2009

(not) live from training camp

I received information from the dolphins about training camp. As it was last year, reporters are not allowed to post live from the stands, so you'll undoubtedly see updates from the beat writers hustling back and forth to the media room to provide updates.

But this year they've also told us that fans will not be able to provide any live updates from training camp. They've made it clear that tweeting, blogging, or otherwise just giving real-time updates on the Internet is vetbotten.

I was hoping to provide some updates or perhaps recorded sound clips, but now I have to think about how to work around this - or forget about it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Amusing, but nothing to do with the fins

I was driving along in Miami and saw a billboard that caught my attention.... It was a nice looking woman's torso in a bikini top.

The ad was for breast augmentation "for as low as $89 per month". Oh where to begin with the jokes

What if you miss a payment? Do they send out a repo man?

That's some lay away plan....

Attending games

Why is it that what Adam did last year - going to every NFL stadium was so unusual?

Last night at the marlins game I met a guy - not the first person I've ever met who does this - who is trying to get to every baseball stadium.

Sure baseball season is longer and this may be a lifetime achievement but you don't hear about it in football.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

At least they got that right...

Nick, Cameron, Dave, and JJ probably would have taken a chance.
But Parcells, Sparano, and Ireland issued a statement that they are not interested in Michael Vick.
Thank you for that.
I don't care if the guy plays again or not - that's really not my concern.  But I didn't want him here in Miami creating a distraction of any sort.

That's just dumb

I couldn't help but notice there's no app available for the NFL in the
iTunes store. That's odd because the other major sports have one that
give stats and scores.

So I used the iPhone to surf to There's an iPhone based page
that appears. But as near as I can figure it's hard to get scores (I
didn't even see preseason games listed!) and stats just aren't there.

So I just decided to add the dolphins to a section called "my NFL"

What do you suppose happened?

I got an error message that said my carrier is not supported.

I guess I won't be visiting their site on the iPhone during the season.

Sent from my iPhone

Monday, July 27, 2009

Miami Dolphins Inflatable Images

I received the attached in my mailbox and thought I'd pass it along to my readers.  I have no affililation with the seller, and am getting nothing in return.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Dear Miami Dolphins fan!


With football season fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about new ways to showcase your team spirit on game day! Please find attached information on the all new official NFL licensed Miami Dolphins lawn and tailgate Inflatable Images! These never before seen team branded inflatables replicate realistic football character poses without compromise!


The images below are replicas of the attachments. These inflatables are scaled down versions of the giant 30' designs used at the Super Bowl and by NFL teams for their event marketing. Tiny (the 8' tall standing character) appeared on an NFL Shops TV commercial.


We thank you for taking your time to review this information and look forward to putting an enormous Miami Dolphins Inflatable Image in your hands for this years campaign! To take advantage, simply complete and print the attached form(s) then send to Inflatable Images. Or give us a call at 800 783 5717 x120.


…and go Dolphins!