Thursday, June 04, 2009

Me? Really?

Hey, its not "Bitchin' Dave" ...

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Tweet this

I love the article I read today about how there a lot of impostors making tweets, posing as celebs.  In particular, it pointed out that "Chad Pennington"had a twitter account, and was making wild statements about himself and his goings on.  Turns out that it wasn't Chad because he's never seen a computer or something like that.  I think he falls into the "old as John McCain" category.

Granny's making news

Yep, granny's been laying low for a while, but now she wants to come back and help the Dolphins.  She was telling me the other day that back in her playing days, there weren't all these arrests, and stuff you're seeing from players (most notably those Gators!).  She wants to help keep them in line, and has offered Bill Parcells to help start a program to make sure the Dolphins get the right caliber of players.  She'd thoroughly investigate them, I'm sure.
And, I also understand she has the "hots" for Bill, and would like to hang out with him more anyway.
So it would be a win, win, win as far as she is concerned.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bonus points for word usage

I was watching game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals last night, and the announcer used the word "apoplectic" to describe a reaction.  He used it correctly, pronounced it correctly, and moved on.
Kudos to him for expanding "Joe Sixpack's" vocabulary.  On a related note, I wonder if the hockey mom who ran for VP last year would have any idea what the word means?