Friday, May 01, 2009

From the wtf? department

Stepehn Ross is reportedly toying with the idea of selling naming rights to Dolphin Stadium.

The current plan?  Landshark Stadium, after some beer I've never heard of.
Landshark.  Wasn't that an old SNL skit?


All signs would seemingly point to JT agreeing to play for the Cheatriots next season.
And if he does, I officially will become a JT "hater".... I will lose all respect for the guy.
He's a "Dolphin for life" and belongs in the ring of honor.  He doesn't need to play anymore, and he doesn't need to play for a team in the AFC East, much less *that* team with a sack of crap for a coach.
Ah well, not all relationships with Dolphins players end on happy notes.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

In case you missed it...

Be sure and check out the talk I had with KC Joyner about the Dolphins draft:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

KC Joyner joins us tonight!

Stop by Fins Radio tonight to hear ESPN insider JC Joyner (the football scientist) talk about the Miami Dolphins.  Though its recorded, you'll hear us talking about the draft, players on the roster and more!
8:30 ET tonight, or catch it in the archive.

Monday, April 27, 2009

As the Ranter told us...

...the Phins released John Beck this afternoon.
"We want to thank John for his work ethic and his professionalism. We wish him well in the future."  -- Jeff Ireland.

We love stories like this one

"As some of you know, he [Nalbone] is my cousin. Well he got drafted my Parcells and Miami. I know big surprise, New Jersey kid that plays TE getting drafted by Bill but anyways, when Bill called him to let him know they were taking him he was so excited he forgot Parcells was no longer with the Cowboys or just had a slip of the mind and told Bill how excited he was being a long time Cowboys fan and now getting the shot to play for America's team ment the world to him. I guess the phone was just silent and then he realized what he just said. Sparano just laughed and told him to get ready for camp."

Still trying to figure it out...

I'm still not quite getting the decision to draft Pat White, and then saying he will compete for the backup job and then some.
Does that mean that he's got that much talent?  Or that they plan to run more wildcat-like plays in '09?  Or maybe something else?
I just don't know.
But one thing I do know for sure - make that 3/3 in drafting a QB on the first day of the NFL draft.  First you had Beck, last year it was Henne, this year its White.
That's something Nick, Dave, and Jimmy (and even Shula) didn't do over the last decade.  And as Ireland said "you can never have enough quality QBs"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

One note about the Hurricanes

The U had had a first round selection in every draft since about 1981 [that's a small exaggeration -ed]...this year, they had only one player who was seriously considered an NFL prospect in S Bruce Johnson, and it was thought he might go in the 4th or 5th round.
He didn't get selected.
But LB Spencer Adkins was selected - in the 6th round by Atlanta.
I guess you could say that at least a player from the U was selected at all in this draft.
Oh how the mighty have fallen....

Dave's draft recap

The Dolphins started the draft with 9 picks, wound up with 10 during the draft, and left with 9 new players. So, hey, it was a success.

As far as needs, they needed some additional talent at WR, DB, and d-line. They addressed receiver and db, and JT is still available. So, I'd say they at least hit on their needs.

How good will any of these players be? Who knows. History tells us that about 60% of draft pickss have success with the team that drafted them. That would equate to 5 - likely - players who will make it with the Fish.

Time will tell who they are.

And in the 7th round

Miami had two picks to round out the draft.

With the first one, they took a guy named JD Folsum, who played LB at Weber State.

Do you know Weber State's mascot? The Wildcat! I suppose that will work.

They had another pick, but Kansas City came knocking and traded for it, giving up a pick in the 7th next year. KC really wanted a TE they saw, so Miami took the trade and ended the draft with 9 picks.

Samson Satele's replacement

The Dolphins got a 6th round pick for Satele, and they used that on tackle Andrew Gardner of Georgia Tech (or as we like to call it: The school that Lisa! loves).

I guess you could say we gave up one lineman for another. And, look at that: they wear the same number.

The 5th round

Miami had two picks in this round.

First, they took a TE, in John Nalbone of Monmouth college, proving no stone is left unturned.

I hadn't heard of the guy, so whatever. I guess you need a lot of tight ends to effectively run the Wildcat.

And then they took S Chris Clemons of Clemson. I really appreciate that they took a guy who has the same letters in his name as the school he attended.

And safety is a position of general need (wave your hand back and forth Jason Allen and say "bye bye")...

And in the 4th round

The Dolphins went wide receiver again, this time tagging Brian Hartline from THE Ohio State University (what? there's another one?).

I suppose he was a team mate of Ted Ginn, Jr, so I'd be fine with an even trade - give Ginn back to the university for "future considerations" and we'll call it a day.

I'm overall pretty pleased with the pick - I only wish they had gotten team mate Brian Robiske earlier. But, this is a solid acquisition to help the receiving corps.

Odd and possibly interesting

Yesterday, Jeff Ireland made a comment that Pat White will not be used as a wide receiver (something that a lot of people assumed) and that he would be competing for playing time with the Chads.

He kept repeating that you can't have too many good QB options, and it seemed clear that he will be competing for the backup job with Henne, and would have an opportunity to show his stuff in training camp.

He did say that Miami now has three - then paused and changed it to four - good QBs on the team. I guess he forgot about Beck.

Third round pick

Finally, the Dolphins got around to picking a wideout.

Now I don't mean any disrespect to Davone Bess, Greg Camarillo, or Brandon London. Although I do intend some to Ted Ginn, Jr, and Ernest Wilford who have done, technically, nothing.

Patrick Turner comes to the Phins from USC where he was on the receiving end of many Mark Sanchez passes. He's a big, strong guy and this might be a nice addition.

"Jimmy likes Elaine"

I was amused by a quote from first round pick Vontae Davis:
Q from a reporter: "Do you get a bad rap for being a prima donna?"

A: "This is what people keep talking about.  But everybody who knows Vontae, knows that I am a great person."
Wow, he answered in the 3rd person!