Saturday, April 25, 2009


A few days ago, JT had a sitdown with some of the Dolphins people. I think Parcells and Ireland were there.

The "Dancing fool" made his case to come back to Miami, and the Dolphins were receptive. They reportedly told him it depended on how the draft turned out, and whether they got help at defensive end.

They didn't on the first day, so a reunion might be likely. We'll see.

I don't get this...

The Phins traded their second second-round pick to Indianpolis and moved down a couple of spots and received another 5th-round pick. I'm good do far.

Then, the snatched up CB Sean Smith of the Utes.

He's clearly talented, but two corners among the first three picks? I'm not sure that was the right way to go, but then what do I know?

The one thing that tells me is that Jason Allen's days in Miami are numbered.

Pick #44

When I first saw that the Dolphins had selected a QB with this pick, I was like "what the....?"

Then I remembered that he went to West Virginia, and ran a variation of the Wild Cat. And that, my friends, is an exciting acquisition.

Now the questions that begs are what this means for John Beck (likely a goner?) and for Ronnie Brown. There was talk of trading him, but that didn't happen. But now - who knows?+

..and with the 25th pick...

The Dolphins do *not* address their need at wideout. No surprise there, since Parcells never does.

Instead they get a corner in Vontae Davis.

Now Davis is interesting in that he's big and physical AND he scored a 33 on the Wonderlic testing, showing that he is one of the smartest players available in this year's draft.

And for that reason, we think its a great pick.

Here's a sample Wonderlic we posted a few seasons ago.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Night Draft Special

Tonight I will be doing a 3 hour Draft Special on  Sunstroke will be co-hosting with me.  The show starts at 7PM Eastern and runs until 10PM.

I have Michelle Starks from 2Michelles, Harvey Fialkov, Andy Kent, Adam Best from Fansided Network, Thomas Threlkheld from, Eric G. from, and part of an interview with Mike Minter of the Carolina Panthers about the draft from a players perspective. /

Monday, April 20, 2009

Whey Dolphins Gave Up on Satele

The Dolphins Ranter pointed me to this article by KC Joyner:


What is up with that?

I was checking out the schedule for the Dolphins draft-day party, and noticed two things:
(1) it starts at 4pm.  Why in the heck did the commish (and presumably the owners) decide to move it to start later?  I know they had already moved the third round to the second day, but why have it start so late in the day?  I remember when it used to start at 10am, and be on a weekday.  Now it seems to be all about the ratings.  Why not have it during primetime on Saturday?  Dumb.
and (2) the party is at Dolphins stadium.  There will also be a Marlins game at the stadium; that starts at 7pm.   I can imagine that with only a couple of thousand out to catch the Marlins, and about the same number for the Dolphins, it won't be an issue.
But how will they handle parking and keeping them separate?  Seems strange to me...

Draft party in NYC

Igor and the 2Michelles will be hosting a draft party in NYC for any Dolphins fans looking for a place to hang out and watch the draft.