Thursday, March 26, 2009


You, your friends and all Dol-Fans are cordially invited to be a part of a casting call for extras in a video production that will take place at Dolphin Stadium on Thursday, April 2nd from 2pm-6pm and Friday, April 3rd from 1pm-5pm at Gate G.  We are looking for you and all Dol-Fans to show your Dolphins Pride and wear your game day gear just like you will when the Dolphins take on the NFL's best during the 2009 season!!

This production will be a part of the Dolphins 2009 online season ticket sales campaign designed to fill Dolphin Stadium with Dol-Fans and is expected to be seen by millions of people locally, nationally and internationally.

So bring your game day gear and attitude…face paint is optional but appreciated…to Dolphin Stadium and kickoff the 2009 season in style--Miami Style!!  You never know, you could become a STAR!

In an effort to determine the number of fans that will attend each session, please click here ( and RSVP for either or both sessions.

Thanks for your continued support of the Dolphins and we hope to see you at Dolphin Stadium next week and please feel free to forward this email to any Dol-Fans you may know!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I think the NFL needs to rethink this strategy

Each year, the NFL evaluates what players were gained and lost in free agency.  When a team had a net-negative gain, the NFL will award them compensatory draft picks.  If you had a net-positive gain, you get the results in wins and losses.

Based on last year's offseason, Miami received NO compensatory picks, in spite of the roster churn (now I'll grant you, its hard to measure a 1-15 team as being any good).  The Jets and Bills similarly got no draft picks.  But the Patriots got 3 - a 3rd, a 5th, and a 6th.
That seems a little biased to me.  I guess this is Goodell's way of saying "I'm still really sorry, Billy, about ever questioning you.  Here - have some more draft picks."


Apparently the Dolphins made some public comments yesterday about the state of the team.  Among the comments was an emphatic statement that Pennington remains the starter - no questions asked - and that Henne will be groomed to start in 2010.
Ummm, yeah, I like Pennington's moxy, and attitude, but I still think he could play better, and he is limited in the physical sense. 
Plus, of course, he was our wanker in both games against Baltimore last year.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dolphin *are* smart

Since the team was named after the smart mammals that live in the ocean, I wanted to pass along this video - titled Dolphin Bubbles.  It shows how they have developed a new skill of blowing bubbles and making rings with them.

The football team has developed a new skill as well - winning.

Why doesn't anybody tell me these things?

I admit that I had not heard about the United Football League until this very morning.   A new league?  When did that happen?  Have I been sleeping under a rock?

Comings and goings

The Dolphins this week traded a 7th round draft pick for a defensive tackle who I had never heard of.  But then, I suppose that's what they would have gotten if they had actually used the pick in the draft - I guy I had never heard of.  At least they have more depth at DT now, especially with Ferguson's age and the departure of Vonnie Holliday.
And there's a rumor circulating that Samson Satele has been traded to the Raiders for a draft pick.
We're sorry to see Samson leave, of course, and lament that our team is no longer a little Samoan island in the NFL.  Under Cam "Cam" Cameron, the Phins had something like 6 guys from Samoa, and it made things interesting even if they didn't do the Haka that year.  As we reported, they did learn it this past season, but by then, there were only a couple of guys left.  And now the closest connection we have to Pacific Islands is Davone Bess who played at Hawaii.
Ahhhh well....

Sunday, March 22, 2009


No paid reporters seem to be able to support the claim that the team that wins the coin toss is more likely to win.  Rather, they trivialize it.
I refer you to for supporting facts that someone who does this for a living CAN NOT SEEM TO FIND, and yet I found it in about 2 minutes.
This explains it in some good detail.