Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Did you just say the Phins should consider Cutler?

Several local reporters have recently published articles in which they state that the Dolphins should consider QB Jay Cutler of the Broncos now that he falls into the "disguntled" category.
To which I ask: has the water in South Florida been tainted in some way?
First, and foremost, I don't believe the Phins should consider a guy who (a) hasn't proven squat and (b) has had issues with the fans, the media, and the coaches (yes, its plural, because he had issues with the former chancellor of football in Denver).  He's damaged goods, and why would we want him?
Plus there's the matter of the QBs we have here.  John Beck still has "promise" but probably will never be a bona fide starter.  Chad Pennington is the incumbent and played "beyond himself" last season. Can he continue?  Who knows.  But what we do know is that he's a proven team leader, and you don't want to mess with that by bringing in another guy you're projecting as a starter.  However, if he gets beaten out by another competitor who's already here - a younger guy - then that's another story.  And that leads us to Chad Henne.  The guy has the tools, the attitude, and has been groomed for a year.  You don't know exactly what you have in him, and that's a good thing.
You know exactly what you'd have in Cutler, and that's a bad thing.
I'm guessing on these slow news days, anything sounds good...right?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can someone explain this to me?

10 years ago, the H Wayne built a stadium for what were then his Panthers for a total cost of $185 million.  Its an 18,000+- seat hockey arena with luxury boxes and many amenities.
The Marlins are looking for $515 million for a park of about the same size, with a retractable roof.
Ummm, why the difference?  The cost is almost 3 times as much, with no guarantee that it will stay under $515 million. 
Okay, there is inflation, but this would mean that we're looking at 10% per year, every year since the Panthers stadium was finished.  And sure the retractable roof might cost them something.  But that much?
And lest we forget, FIU built an on-campus stadium for $80 million last year.  Not the high-end style that defines Dallas or Indy, but certainly a stadium from which football can be watched.
$515 million seems like an awful lot to me.
I don't get it...

Dolphins hire a "director of fun"

Okay, so maybe that's not his official title, but Stephen Ross hired Arlen Kantarian, who last ran the US Open to help bring the fan experience to a new level at Dolphins Stadium.
This after several reports that he would hire Kantarian were struck down by Ross.
I'll be curious to see what he does with the concept, since H Wayne had limited success in this area.

Dolphins sign Eric Green

The Dolphins reached into their own past be re-signing TE Eric Green, who last played for the team in 1995, and last played in the NFL in 1999.
As we hear it, he was quoted as saying "I'm happy to be back in Miami, but I was wondering where Don Shula is these days?"
After a few hours, the Dolphins realized their mistake, and contacted the current Eric Green, a db who last played in Arizona last season.  They offered him a contract and told the other Green "oops!"  A team spokesman said "you can understand our confusion, because the guys both have the same name.  But we thank the elder Eric for understanding, and he's welcome to come in for a tryout."