Saturday, January 24, 2009

'America's (Team) Idol?' Winner of reality TV show will get a spot at Cowboys' training camp

I'm not entirely sure what to make of this?  Weird or cool?
'America's (Team) Idol?' Winner of reality TV show will get a spot at Cowboys' training camp

AP Sports Writer

January 23 2009, 6:46 AM EST

DALLAS (AP) — The first time Michael Irvin watched "American Idol," he loved the concept of giving undiscovered singers the chance to become stars. Now Irvin is doing the same for NFL wannabes.

The complete article can be viewed at:,0,4502862.story

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Cardinals greatest SuperBowl moments

I saw something on the web that talks about the Steelers greatest SuperBowl moments.
And that seemed really one sided to us. 
So, we thought we'd give you the Card's greatest moments:
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Thank you.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Several local reporters had a chance to talk with new owner Stepen Ross:
Incidentally, I neglected to mention that also included in the revenue stream is the leases with the Hurricanes and Marlins, plus other events held at the stadium...

I feel for the guy...

A little more context on the sale of the Dolphins. 
H Wayne bought 15 percent of the Dolphins and 50 percent of the stadium from team founder Joe Robbie's family in 1990 for $30 million.
He bought the remainder of the team and stadium in 1994 for $138 million, and bought some additional land in the late 90s for around $10 million.

That means he spent $178 million for everything.
He completed the sale yesterday for $1.1 billion.  That means he made about $900 million dollars in profit over the course of the 20 years.   That's not a bad return on investment (a whopping 500% return!!!)
Plus...according to published reports "Last year Forbes Magazine valued the Dolphins at $1 billion, with a revenue stream of about $232 million."
That revenue stream is astounding.  Let's think about that for a moment.
Based on revenue sharing, the Dolphins get about $100 million (after player payouts)
From parking, its 20,000 spaces x $20 x 10 games = $4 million
From club seats, its 10,000 x $200 x 10 games  = $20 million
From concessions, a total guess $10 million
From suites, 193 of them, another guess, $20 million
and that totals to $154 million, by that calculation.  There are other sources, of course, through advertising, some merchandising, and the like.  So $232 million is probably a good guess.
Figure that between costs, salaries, taxes, and other expenses, the Dolphins pay out 70% of the revenue.   That leaves maybe $70 million in profit annually to the owner.
Even if we assume he averaged somewhere around $30 million a year in profit, over 20 years, that's still $600 million in profit!!!

So wayne went in with less than $200 million, and walks out with $1.8 billion.  900% return, anyone?
...and by keeping 5%, he assures himself that he will continue to make $4 million annually for doing....nothing.
Yeah, I'm feeling bad about him having to pay $15 million more in taxes, aren't you?

Our 44th president

We could not miss the opportunity to recognize President Obama's inauguration yesterday.  I know some thought his speech was unspectacular.  But try telling that to the throngs that turned out to hear it, or anyone who has the "audacity of hope."  Bitchin' thought it was fantastic, and looks forward to seeing what happens in the first 100 days.  Hopefully those of us who liked it can lift a line from it and use it to tell those of you who didn't "well, you were wrong."
In any event, there is a Dolphins connection here. H Wayne said he wanted to sell the team to Mr. Ross before Obama became president, to avoid additional capital gains taxes.  And as we noted previously, the media has this wrong, because they are reporting what H is telling them, rather than looking into it themselves.  The increase to H is a difference of 3% (increasing from 36% to 39%) assuming the legislation passes.  That would equate to about $15 million additional that would be paid in taxes, over the half billion that's left on the sale.
And H commented he'd rather "give it to charity than to Mr. Obama," which we found amusing.  Particularly because he wrote a contract for Bill Parcells that pays him $12 million guaranteed if he opts out under new ownership. 
So, you're willing to give a guy a $12 million out, but reluctant to pay $15 million in taxes on money that's being given to you on the sale of the team?
And lest we forget, Mr. Ross isn't exactly off the hook with the administration either, since his company asked for a bailout while he paid a billion dollars for a sports team.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

what does he bring?

Cameron Wake was brought in as a linebacker. He was good at Penn State, and outstanding in the CFL.  How will he perform here?

Jake Long

The Bills player pulled out of the probowl, so Jake Long does tehnically make the probowl this season.
That's pretty cool for a rookie left tackle.

Bill P

Now the question that begs: what of Parcells?  He can opt out of the contract, but won't say what his plans are.  He's just being cagey.

The sale is complete...well sort of...

To avoid the tax man, H completed the sale of the Dolphins today.  Stephen Ross is now the majority owner of the team.
Now, the caveat: Ross doesn't quite have the cash to complete the transaction financially, so he has to make a few "deferred payments" to follow through.
But essentially, he now owns 95% of the team and the stadium.

Monday, January 19, 2009

New head coaches

I can't believe that there will be more than 25% turnover in coaches this season.
You've got the Jets, Browns, Indy, Denver, Oakland, and maybe KC (not yet, but anything is possible) on the interviewing trail in the AFC.
Detroit, Tampa Bay, Seattle, and St Louis are looking for new bosses in the NFC.  And anything is still possible with Dallas.
Forgetting about KC and Dallas, that's 9 changes at the coaching position among 32 teams.

Granny is proud!

My grandmother wants everyone to know she looks forward to the matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Cardinals, two teams she tried out for before landing with the Decatur Staleys.
Let's not burst her bubble and tell her that the Cardinals have moved twice since then...