Monday, December 28, 2009

Yesterday's suckfest

Much to my misfortune, I was there yesterday. There was a whole incident about the tickets to the game going missing, and in retrospect that would have been better.

It was *THE* single worst first-half performance I have ever seen from the Dolphins, and it was totally disappointing. Reggie Torbor summed it up best when he said something like "we had front row seats to the performance, too bad we weren't playing."

You have the playoffs on the line, and with the outcomes of the other games Miami would be in the wildcard now and could retain it simply by winning next week. Instead, they lay an egg. And not just any egg. They were totally uninspired and looked like they simply were playing out the string, and had already made the arrangements for their winter trips for a week from today.

It was horrible and embarrassing.

Sure, their second half was "better" but that is at least partly because Houston backed off in the 2nd half and just let Miami run the clock all they wanted and let Miami gain short yardage on any play.

I'm not going to dwell on the specifics too much in this space. I will come back and make some comments during the week, but since I was at the game, I recorded my thoughts as the game moved along. I will be editing them into my weekly podcast, which will be available Wednesday morning.

I encourage you to check it out.
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I have been a phinfan for more than 30 years and I cannot remember ever being as disappointed over the last two weeks as I ever have been in the past 25 years. Last time I have felt so let down as a fan was when Marino destroyed himself in the playoff match against Jacksonville when we lost 62-7...I believe it was?

What happened? There seems to be not enough players on this team that desire to win. The game with TEN and then the game with HOU, Miami allowed 51 points in the first half. Do they not desire to win? Is there anyone on this team that is superbowl material, let alone playoff material? If Miami had got their act together, they would be holding the 5th spot in the wildcard and still racing the Patriots for the division, instead, the team let their fans down and let them down big time. What a shame knowing that your fate is in your hands and you cannot/will not deliver.

I think management needs to clean house and get rid of these players that are a total waste of a paycheck.