Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ye gods

There are 7 minutes left.  Score is 14-14.  Miami has just a tremendous defensive effort against the Bills; the Bills punt goes to the 2.
What can Miami do?
Following the captures:
(1) First down - Miami lines up with receivers spread.  Maybe its a pass?
(2) It is a pass - to Ted Ginn, who can't catch a cold.  Look the db is right on him, there's no way for him to make a catch!  It could be there was interference on the play, but (of course) it wasn't called.
(3) On 2nd down, Ricky runs for 1.  But again, the play seemed obvious.  Ricky is gonna run up the middle, I thought.
(4) On 3rd down, Miami lined up in a multi-wide formation again.  It 3rd and 9, of course you're gonna pass.
(5) The pass got away from Henne a bit.  Maybe the wind took it a little, I'm not sure
(6) As you can see, it was intended for Hartline, but he hadn't made his break yet, and was surprised to see the pass go over his head.
Miami punted, and the Bills went on to kick a field goal on the next drive....and so it went for the rest of the afternoon....
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