Sunday, December 20, 2009

Waaa waaa waaaahhhh....

[that'd be game show music]
I came back in about the time Miami was driving, only to see Henne throw a pick.  I came back very late in the game, and watched Miami stage a comeback of sorts to tie it.
And I watched the overtime. 
The outcome was pretty much set in stone before all that happened.
I was a little puzzled by Sparano's decision to not go for 2 on the first TD, thus leaving them to go for 2 late.  It worked out, of course, but it was odd.
And the OT had me looking with an arched eyebrow.  There was the coin toss that I swore was won by Tennessee, but yet Miami got the ball.  And there was the ill-advised throw by Henne, and the subsequent late hit by Camarillo. 
And there was the strip by JT that I'm going to have to watch again.  It sure looked like he got the ball out before the whistle.
But nevertheless, Miami lost and their playoff hopes are.....dead.
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