Tuesday, December 08, 2009

That's odd...

Charlie Crist (Florida's lame [duck] governor) met with the ownership group for the Jacksonville Jaguars and made a plea for them to draft Tim Tebow.  He believes that would re-invigorate that franchise and keep it from moving in the future.
Yeah, Chuck, you really get how this draft thing works, don't you?  And who knows if Tebow will be any good in the pros anyway?
Meanwhile ticket sales are down this year, owing to thousands who opted not to renew, and there is strong talk about the possibility of the team bolting for LA.
And by the way, that would be good for the Dolphins.  They used to be *Florida's* AFC team, and that pretty much extended up into Georgia and The Carolinas.
Then, along came the Jags, and they claimed most of Florida as their market, and most of the rest of the south as their secondary market, meaning that's the AFC team that's always on TV when its a choice between them and the Dolphins.
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