Friday, December 18, 2009


The Dolphins ran the Wildcat early, and often, throughout the early-to-mid part of the season.
When they went to Beefalo they ran it poorly.  Then, they went to New England, and did not run a single snap from the formation, though they did run the WildPat a few times.
Last week, in Jacksonville, they ran neither the Wildcat nor the Wildpat - even once.
But, in each of the last two weeks, the Patriots and Jaguars each mentioned that they had spent one day of practice preparing to defend the formations.  So, in effect, they had to alter their game prep to account for something they never saw in the game.
And that's where the Wildcat pays dividends.
Will they run either again this week?  Who knows.  But the Titans have to be ready for it anyway.
Maybe Henning throws out a new formation or wrinkle to surprise the opponent.  Or maybe they stick with the base offense.  Either way, the element of surprise and the ability to force the opponent to react is relevant.
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