Friday, December 18, 2009


The mdeia is sensationalizing a story about a party that happened on South Beach last offseason.  Many Dolphins were there.  Chris Johnson (Titans RB) was there.  Chad OchoCinco was there.
The story goes that a good dose of bragadocia was happening.  And the question came up - who was faster: Johnson or Ted Ginn jr.  They decided to settle it like 10 year-olds and just race.
Now here comes the point of contention.  Apparently, Johnson thought the race was going to be then-and-there out on Ocean Drive.  So, he went out there.  But Ginn, jr didn't.  Johnson said Ginn, jr chickened out.
....but J Peasy defended his teammate.  He says that they were going to race at the Dolphins facility "where there's lots of grass to run on."  And went on to remind everyone how impractical it is to run on Ocean Drive [Dave's note: the road is always packed, he's right].  But it was Johnson who was a no-show.
OchoCinco probably would get involved in this dicussion, since he actually offered to make this a three-man race, but he's a little preoccupied with the death of a teammate to worry about something this trivial today.
I say we settle it on Sunday.  At halftime we have a footrace.
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