Thursday, December 10, 2009


There's a shot Miami could make the playoffs.  If they win all 4 games, they are in a good position to get in.  They would be 10-6, and would own the tiebreaker against all the other teams - except Baltimore.  In that case, it would go to tiebreakers, and the relevant one would be "strength of schedule" which likely would make Miami the #6 seed. 
If New England were to lose any game, Miami would contend for the division crown, and it would also come down to tiebreakers there, too.  Then, who got the #6 seed would also come down to tiebreakers.
So, in the scenario that Miami makes it as the #6, they would go on the road and face (probably) the Bengals, though it could be the Patriots or Chargers.
I'm not loving that situation.
If they somehow manage to squeak past the Pats, Miami would have and face Baltimore, the Jets, maybe the Patriots, or about 4 other teams.  At least they'd be home, but I don't like that scenario, either.
Imagine if somehow Miami won the crown again, and had to face the Ravens at home again. 
I don't think the result would be different.
I think - in all seriousness - I'm more satisfied with Miami finishing 9-7 or 10-6 and just missing the playoffs; rather than having them have another playoff game like last year.
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